Why SEC Is Better Fit Than ACC for 2014 4-Star OL Garrett Brumfield

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIOctober 4, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

The SEC is the conference you want to be in if you're a top-notch offensive lineman, and 2014 4-star O-lineman Garrett Brumfield certainly qualifies to be in that category.

According to quotes via Luke Stampini of 247Sports.com, Brumfield has two ACC schools and two SEC schools in his favorites:

“I really like Florida State, Florida, LSU and Miami, but I haven’t made up my mind. No one school is in and no one school is out. I still got a year and a half until I actually have to make that decision. I’m just going to take the process slow and make the best choice and see my options right now.”

Stampini's report also states that Brumfield will be in Gainsville this weekend to watch Florida take on LSU, so keep that in mind.

Brumfield checks in at a very impressive 6'3.5'', 272 pounds, according to 247Sports, which is great for a high school junior. He'll only get better with another year of offseason training and preparation under his belt, though he's already a very good football player.

He has the size that teams are looking for in a lineman, but he couples that with great skill. He's a very good blocker in both aspects of the offense. As a run-blocker, he gets a good push off the line, displays low leverage and knowledge of angles, and he puts himself between the ball and the defender, which is key.

As a pass-blocker he has a good first drop step, displays a solid base and has quick feet that allow him to move up and down the field on the edge of the pocket.

Everything about Brumfield points to him being a legitimate lineman at the college football level, which means the SEC would be the best option.

That's not a knock against the ACC as much as it's a strong statement for the SEC.

Florida State and Clemson are really the only two major teams in the ACC right now, which in turn leaves them with a watered-down schedule.  Brumfield could say that he's playing against good opponents, but would he be playing against the best?

The simple answer to that question is no.

Conversely, as an offensive lineman in the SEC, he'll be going up against the best defensive linemen in college football on an almost weekly basis. As a competitor, that's enough of a draw on its own. Then factor in the national stage, the national championship chances and the fast track to the NFL if he succeeds, and this becomes an easy decision.

Both Florida State and Miami can make compelling arguments, but they pale in comparison to what LSU or Florida can offer the 4-star offensive lineman.

The SEC is a much better fit for Brumfield. He has the potential to be an elite football talent, so he deserves to play in an elite football conference.

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