Impressions of the WBC: Game D2—Give Pudge Rodriguez a Job!

Warren TurnerContributor IMarch 7, 2009

What has a guy got to do to get hired these days?

Pudge Rodriguez had a career night for Puerto Rico, leading them to a 7-0 defeat of Panama. Rodriguez had four hits and a walk, four RBI and two home runs. Wouldn’t it seem like some major league team would want to take a chance on him?

Puerto Rico had a total of 13 hits off the overmatched Panamanian pitchers. In addition to Rodriguez’s prowess, Carlos Delgado had three hits, one of those a towering homer.

A powerful offense, decent pitching and defense, and a loss for the Dominican Republic all place the Puerto Ricans in a formidable position. Unless the team from the Netherlands has more miracles up their sleeves, Puerto Rico will move on to the next round with a victory on Monday in front of their home crowd.

Unfortunately for Panama, in order to stay alive they now have to beat an embarrassed and possibly enraged Dominican Republic.

Meanwhile, I hope the agent for Ivan Rodriguez has his cell phone charged.