Who Is The Vince McMahon Of Bleacher Report

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IMarch 7, 2009

I've been on Bleacher Report for about two month's and I've watched everyone right a lot of stuff about a lot of thing's and I've narrowed it down to three people.

Joe Burgett- He is the leader of his group the Assassin's, he is No. 1 on B/R wrestling community, and he has his talk show. He is on a roll here as is going strong. Like Vince, he is the most hated person right now so he could be our Vince McMahon.

Shane Howard- He is a middle school teacher, he has the tell people what to do it factor. He love's to joke around but he tell's what is on his mind. Shane love's to do thing's his way and even though I don't agree I should have went farther in that tournament but he choose thing's his way.

Adrian Staehle- ME, yes me I tell what is on my mind and say it how it is no matter what you say. I say what I want, when I want, to whom every I want. I do thing's my way and write thing's my way no matter what.

The Vince McMahon of Bleacher Report is........................................... Adrian Staehle me that's right I am and I will be no matter what you say Hahahahahaha

Who do you think is the Vince McMahon of B/R. If the name is not on here then let me know.

-Adrian Staehle