12 Funniest Commercials Starring WWE Superstars Past and Present

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterOctober 4, 2012

12 Funniest Commercials Starring WWE Superstars Past and Present

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    With pro wrestling's past connection with the circus, it's only natural that eventually WWE's superstars would be asked to become barkers for several companies. 

    Wrestlers get paid to snap into beef jerky. Others pretend to be thrilled about canned pasta. 

    This list features the most intentionally and unintentionally hilarious commercials trying to make use of the popularity of WWE wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and Kane.

    Some of the spots you'll know and some are of the more obscure variety. You may be inclined to buy some things after watching them, but more likely you'll just laugh.

12. Ric Flair: North Carolina Lottery

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    "Nature Boy" Ric Flair could always sell a clothesline or an Irish whip into the corner magnificently, but who knew he could sell lottery scratch-offs just as well?

    Pulling out just about every Flair trademark you can think of, this ad must seem so bizarre to a non-wrestling fan. They may be wondering why an old man keeps howling throughout it.

    Other than the fact that this scratch-off ticket is now available, we learn a few other things from the commercial.

    For one, Wooooo! University looks infinitely more fun than University of Farmer's, and two, Flair does not hold back when delivering a chop, regardless if his opponent is a mannequin or not.   

11. George Steele: Diet Vernors

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    Among the plethora of George "the Animal" Steele commercials on this video, the one for the Michigan-based soda Vernors is the best.

    Get right to it here.

    Steele's unintelligible grunts are translated via subtitles.

    He notes that an Elizabeth look-alike's dress is enticing and that Diet Vernors is refreshing. It's a clever spot that utilizes the hairy Michigan native quite well.

    Some of the best of the bonus ads include the Animal teaming up with Gene Okerlund for Toyota and working with Grant Hill and Bill Laimbeer for Fila.

10. Randy Savage: Slim Jim

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    Slim Jim has hired other wrestlers than the one you know to sell their product. No disrespect to the Ultimate Warrior, Edge or Bam Bam Bigelow, but no one snaps into a Slim Jim like Randy Savage.

    The Macho Man became so synonymous with this beef jerky brand that there are folks out there with little to no knowledge of his wrestling career who know him simply as "The Slim Jim guy."

    His gritty voice and wild outfits matched the ads perfectly.

    In this one, the power of the spicy snack sends a condescending light bulb salesman flying across the room, scares a dog and causes thousands of dollars in damage. That's exactly what most people want from their meat snacks.

    Check out a bonus Macho Man Slim Jim spot here.

9. Brock Lesnar: SummerSlam

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    Brock Lesnar and a CGI shark teamed up for one of SummerSlam's most memorable commercials.

    Lesnar charged into a shark's home turf and delivered an F5, the ocean splashing all around him.

    WWE usually plays up the summer theme with its SummerSlam ads.  It wasn't unusual that this ad threw in beaches and grills and tried to make the event look fun. 

    The oddness began when Lesnar challenged the ocean's ultimate predator, producing a moment that has been rewatched countless times.

8. Andre the Giant: Honeycomb

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    Dressed in an outfit he might have worn in The Princess Bride, Andre the Giant scares a group of children into giving them some of his cereal. 

    The attention-grabbing ad is backed with a punchy jingle and features just a single line from Andre.  It's probably better that way, as Andre is notoriously hard to understand.  I wonder how many takes it took to get it as clear as it is.

    If you're wondering why there's a robot hanging out in the treehouse, blame the '80s. 

7. Kane: Chef Boyardee

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    Imagine you don't know who Kane is.  You turn on the television and see a guy in a demented mask who looks part serial killer, part post-apocalyptic warrior preparing himself some good ol' Chef Boyardee.

    While it's funny to wrestling fans to see Kane does his fire trick on the cans of pasta, for everyone else it must be confusing and creepy.

    Big Show, Booker T, Mankind and Chris Jericho all did their own Chef Boyardee ads.  Wrestling and pasta, I guess seemed like a natural marriage to some executive. 

    Kane's is one of the funnier ones, allowing us to see the lighter side of him we've seen plenty of in recent weeks. 

6. The Rock: Chef Boyardee

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    The Rock is also on that long list of WWE wrestlers who pretended to like Chef Boyardee.

    The question is, does he regret doing this commercial more than he regrets signing on for The Tooth Fairy?

    Since one of The Rock's many catchphrases is "Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?", it makes perfect sense to have him sell a food product.

    What makes less sense is having some Miami Heat dancers flock around him, or even worse, saddling him with a watered down version of a Will Smith song.  Getting cheffy with it, really?

    It's hard to make The Rock look uncool, and Chef Boyardee comes valiantly close.  

5. Booker T: Hungry Man

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    An ordinary man apparently comes home to a resentful wife who offers him four ounces of unappetizing food as he walks in.

    Booker T is no ordinary man, sucka!

    His wife is not only hotter, but goes out of her way to warm up a microwave dinner for him. 

    You would think though, with the kind of money he pulls in as a five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time five-time WCW Champion, that he'd be able to afford a more varied wardrobe than just wrestling tights and trench coats.

4. Kane: Stacker 2

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    Edge and Christian's attempt at a Stacker 2 commercial was nowhere near as awesome as Kane's. 

    This series of ads for the diet supplement Stacker 2 featured Kane and a man foolish enough to anger the Big Red Machine.

    Judging by the guy's tracksuit and headband, the fat he burned from trying to escape Kane's wrath was premeditated. He likely underestimated what Kane was willing to do to get his hands on him.

    In the third spot, Kane shoves aside an old man and looks ready to trample over an old lady just as the camera freezes.

3. Kurt Angle: Pizza Outlet

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    This embarrassing local Pittsburgh spot was shown on an episode of Raw, getting Pizza Outlet some free press.  The Rock's response to it was exactly what you'd expect from him.

    "What in the blue hell was that?"

    Kurt Angle looks so young and so different here that fans who only know him from his TNA days may not even recognize him. 

    About the action in the pizza box, I can buy that the green bell pepper and the red bell pepper are rivals, but who uses an airplane spin anymore?

2. The Rock: WrestleMania 2000

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    A brilliant concept was executed beautifully thanks to The Rock, Elvis and Santa.  How's that for an All-Star team?

    What some consider the best wrestling video game of all time doesn't have the graphics to stand up to the games of today, but this was as fun as this ad for it.

    The Rock has charisma leaking out of him, so it's not a surprise that he rocked this. Props to the ad people behind this though, as they made the absolute most of his verbal skills.

    Video game Rock talking smack to the real Rock is the highlight of a great spot.

1. Hulk Hogan: Hitachi

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    When you think of a great air conditioner, you probably think of babies and shirtless, muscular men, right?  Well, Hitachi certainly knew what they were doing then.

    Hitachi asked Hulk Hogan to sing a bizarre lullaby in a pair of breezy, white shorts. 

    The song sounds like the producers asked the Hulkster to just sing whatever came to his head as the cameras started rolling. The makers of this ad are either comic geniuses or they just failed hard. 

    Is Hogan embarrassed to have this floating around the internet or did the many zeroes on his check for this cancel that feeling out?