Buckeye Hall of Bankruptcy

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst IMarch 7, 2009


Looks like the (unofficial) Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe's days are numbered. At least in its current incarnation.

If the restaurant is to survive at all, it appears it will have to do so in a smaller space. In case you have never been there, it is a mammoth space: 50,000 square feet, according to the owners, who own three other Hall of Fame Cafes around the Midwest (Michigan State, Louisville, and Marshall).

I have never been to the HoF before a game, but I have been there during the off-season. Honestly, it is easy to see how it would struggle in this economy when the Buckeyes are not playing.

I am sure the owners knew it was a seasonal business where the lion's share of the cash came in from September through November, but this recession skewed that spread to unsustainable levels.

Upon reading this article, I was instantly taken back to my early concept of pop-up bars around Ohio Stadium on game day.

Sure, those pop-ups would not have a Heisman Trophy in the lobby but the business owners would be able to reap the benefits of the season without having to endure the long, less profitable off-season.