Who Will End the Undertaker's Streak?

Joseph DanielCorrespondent IMarch 7, 2009

It is a question that has been asked for years now. A question that plagues the minds of many wrestling fans. Who will end Undertakers legendary undefeated streak? And with Undertake's retirement seeming ever more and more eminent, now seems like a good time to discuss it.

Barring a radical change of mindset before this years big show Undertaker has stated that he wants to put over a young guy with the end of his streak. This means that HBK has a good but not great chance of putting Undertaker at 16-1.

However, I don't see that happening just yet. I feel that the person to end Undertakers streak is still out there. Waiting. But who you might ask, who could it possibly be?

Let's break it down. Any superstar who has been with WWE for more than 10 years is out of the question so that pretty much eliminates the HBK's and the Triple H's. Kane, Henry, Kozlov, Knox? For our sanity's sake, let's pray not.

What about John Morrison. Morrison is already on the rise and a feud with Shawn Michaels is probably more desirable than one with the deadman.

MVP? Kennedy? Both have already crossed paths with the deadman and WWE showed then that they don't see these guys ending the streak. I don't see that changing. At least not in time before Taker hangs up the boots.

Rhodes? Punk? Bourne? Too small. I don't see anyone who hovers just at or under 6' being high enough in WWE's graces to end the mighty big mans streak. Though seeing Bourne hitting a shooting star press to 'Taker on the outside would be tremendous.

Benjamin? He has already had some tremendous matches with Taker but I just don't see him as a viable threat to Undertakers win streak. I'm not saying he couldn't do it but Benjamin would have to find a persona that i could see matching up to Taker and he doesn't have it right now.

That leaves us with two names.

The first is Ted DiBiase. There is a good chance of DiBiase being the one to finally end it considering his immense potential and the fact that WWE has already had loose talks about it. I admit it would be rather Poetic considering Ted DiBiase senior brought Undertaker in and Jr. can put him out.

HOWEVER, Ted DiBiase is not yet a proven commodity. He has seen little ring time in the past several months, even less mic time, and has been treated as nothing more than Randy Orton's lackey. Undertaker might hang up his boots anytime now.

Does anyone think that if next year is Undertaker last that Ted could really be made in a force to be reckoned with by then?

Not without a tremendous amount of work and a equal ammount of fortune.

No WWE needs to give the win to someone who could use it to immediately skyrocket himself to the top. Someone with a good look. Someone who has talent and a decent amount of heat. Someone who people could see matching up with the deadman. Someone like.....

Jack Swagger

Now I can hear it. The mob in the distance waiting to string me up and watch me slowly fade away. Trust me I understand where those emotions might come from but hear me out. Swagger is red hot right now. He may not be this hot next year but he can be if WWE puts attention on.

Swagger is by no means a small man and has that big time feel to him. I can just imagine now the staredowns he would have with the big man. He grabbed the ECW title in only a few months. A path remarkably similar to another man once on the list to End Undertakers Streak: Brock Lesnar.

Swagger may not always be portrayed as strong but there have been moments when WWE has portrayed him as dominant and ruthless. Those are the traits I look for when I think of someone who could end Undertaker's streak.

Swagger is a rising star. He's already starting to grab massive amounts of heat and his promo skills are gradually getting better. If he wants to shatter the glass ceiling that usually blocks a big man what better way to do it then by beating one of the greatest big men of them all; The Undertaker?

I'm sure this will probably be a hotly disputed topic. It's always dangerous territory to talk about a subject as important as Undertakers win streak but I stand by what I say. Jack Swagger fits all the molds of someone who could beat Undertaker.

Nice Look? Check

Hot? Check

Decent Mic Skills? Check

On The Rise? Check

Serious Ring Skills? Check

And lets not forget that Swagger is liked backstage, as agents hold him in high regards. He also has very good behaviour and is constantly described as dedicated. You definitely don't want to give a huge honor to someone who will leave the business or be a trouble child down the road.

Who knows who it will be. I made my opinion but there are so many other options out there. All I know is that it will be huge when it finally happens and the superstar who does it will skyrocket to the top.