MMA Rolling Head-Kick Knockout Is Pretty Much Legendary

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 3, 2012

photo via You Tube
photo via You Tube

Beware the rolling head kick, because it's quite a doozy. 

Big Lead Sports spotted this video of a Russian MMA event wherein one fighter basically pulled off the finishing move to end all moves. 

The fighter falls to the ground immediately, making way for a foot that comes out of nowhere and smashes the face of his opponent. 

I am talking smashed

Be warned that the video may be NSFW for blood towards the end of the video. 

Well, I should have warned you against that blank stare the bleeding man gives at the end of the video. It's frightening to see someone so out of sorts. 

But hey, what about that kick?

The Big Lead Sports report issues that this is just some random event in Russia, and the YouTube description is just as vague (via Google Translate)

26 Aug. 2012. Tyumen qualifying tournament held in the Union Rossii. Finally, MMA fight up to 70 kg. KO won Mikhail Balakirev, 18-year-old (Tyumen MMA trained by Mukhamedshina O.Kh.)

The only thing I can think of the loser in this match saying is, "So you are telling me that a foot did this to me? What year is this again?"

This move is simply epic, and I would love to see more from you MMA fans who may have seen it elsewhere or know more about this event that left one man wondering what train just hit him. 

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