Greg Hardy: The Freak on the End for Ole Miss

Tim RichardsContributor IMarch 7, 2009

Personal- Son of Greg and Lan Hardy. Father Greg was a defensive end at Ole Miss in 1986-87.

Born July 28, 1988 In Millington, Tenn.


Are you looking for a role model?  How bout a face for your franchise? Well guess what this ain't your man.  What Greg Hardy is, though, is a football machine. 

The guy will make the big play when needed.  Just ask the Florida Gators and Tim Tebow about the one footed (due to stress fracture in other foot) defensive end from Ole Miss.  He played his whole junior year injured. 

Even though he didn't have the gaudy numbers he had his sophomore year, he did come up up with the big play time after time when Coach Nutt plugged him in on third and long.  I know he may look like Prince on steroids, but don't let the baby face fool you. He is a monster on the football field.

College fans should have seen this coming.  The multi-sport athlete has always been a star.  When he played high school ball for Briarcrest Christian he earned two letters in football, basketball, and track.

He's not only a play maker on the defensive side of the ball.  Occasionally, he will play on offense and make big plays there.  His first time ever on offense turned out to be a 23 yard touchdown pass from Brent Schaffer.

That touchdown gave the Rebels an early lead in a rivalry game against Mississippi State. The game was won by the Rebels 20-17.

You know he might not be the guy you want talking on media day.  He's probably not the one you'll see talking to elementary kids, but if its thirty seconds left in the game and you need a stop.  I'll put my money on Hardy every time.

Rebel fans, step back and enjoy this year.  Players like Hardy don't come around all the time.  So when the lights come on at Vaught-Hemingway stadium this football season.  Keep your eyes open and locked on No. 86.  He'll be the guy in the backfield knocking the opposing QB on his butt.