Tuesdays with BK: Time for the Hurricanes

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Tuesdays with BK: Time for the Hurricanes
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If you’ve listened to Brian Kelly at all, you’ve heard him harp on “the process.” (He’s not alone, it’s also big with Nick Saban.) After two seasons where the W-L record didn’t reflect the progress that many felt was happening inside the Gug, Kelly was asking if he thought he was finally getting some of the results he expected. Here are a few telling paragraphs from Kelly as he gives a status report on his team in the midst of his third season. “Our guys have been committed to the process,” Kelly said. “It’s painstakingly slow, sometimes it’s quicker. But they’ve been committed to the process. It’s taking that and translating it to Saturdays. And this group is translating it to Saturdays, at least for the first four weeks. We’ll see what happens in week five. But they’ve done a nice job of preparing and doing the things we’ve asked them to do. We think we’re close to being consistent in that approach. We’re not ready to say that we’ve arrived. We’re still a group that has to show more consistency.

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