Washington Nationals: Will Teddy Win the Presidents' Race in 2012?

Stephanie De Lancey@@stefdelanceyContributor IOctober 3, 2012

Cheryl Nichols /DistrictSportsPage
Cheryl Nichols /DistrictSportsPage


Now that the Washington Nationals have clinched the NL East, the speculation as to whether Teddy can finally win his first presidents' race is at an all-time high. The race has drawn speculation from the likes of Jayson Werth all the way to Senator John McCain.

For loyal Nationals fans, this a hotly contested question. Many people thought Teddy would finally win when the Nationals clinched a playoff spot. The opportunity for him to win after that came and went.

Speculation then turned to once the Nationals clinched the NL East. Last night would have been the first opportunity for Teddy to win after clinching the NL East.

An argument could be made that he came the closest to winning that he ever has. I was at the game last night, and all the fans around me really thought he was going to win, myself included. The race started with Abe and Jefferson being locked in the outfield bullpen, and Teddy had a clear lead, but then at the last moment George Washington jumped out and just inched out Teddy for the win.

So that leaves everyone to speculate again: When will Teddy finally win the presidents' race? The best guess is he will win tonight, especially if the Nats are winning. A win tonight would mean the Nationals clinch the best record in the National League—something unimaginable to most at the beginning of the season. 

The Nationals were handing out Teddy in '12 bumper stickers last night, which also suggests he'll do it this year. 

The other speculation is that Teddy will finally win when the Nationals make it to the World Series. If the Nats were to wait until then, they risk not having him win this year. From a publicity standpoint this would be horrible. Teddy's lack of wins has generated a great deal of passion this year from fans, unlike any other mascot(s) around the league. Through Teddy, the Nats have won the hearts and interests of many fans and even political wonks around the Nation's capital.

To not have him win would counteract all the positive publicity and talk surrounding the race this year. Plus, this year has been a year of many firsts for Nats—first postseason berth since moving back to DC, first NL East crown and possibly owning the best record in NL for the first time.

Prediction: Teddy will finally win tonight!