The World Baseball Classic Is an Injured Star Player Waiting to Happen

Robert BarronContributor IMarch 7, 2009

Tell the truth.

Aren't you pleased when a minor injury keeps a star player on the team you pull for out of the World Baseball Classic?

I know the owners of the team are.

It reminds me of the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

The team that wins might have lost if certain players had turned pro or others at other colleges had not.

In both events, if there was major money to the players and not just college or country pride at stake, the winner might be different.

I wonder if there will be any Pete Rose type collisions at the plate in the World Baseball Classic?

So far this new invention has been lucky.

They had better stay that way or future participation by star players may get ruled out.

A-Rod is injured?

With his paycheck, I'm sure he is.

On orders from the Yankees' GM.