Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara: Why They Must Challenge for the WWE Tag Team Titles

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIOctober 5, 2012

Sin Cara has a chance to rise from this pairing. Image by Gettys
Sin Cara has a chance to rise from this pairing. Image by GettysGallo Images/Getty Images

The tag team division has been revived!

Everything seems to be on the way up, and with Team Hell No holding the belts, things are looking up.

It was a great idea to pair up two top Superstars and former World Champions with such different backgrounds together. Daniel Bryan and Kane work quite well together and it is only a matter of time before the WWE Universe witnesses a great showdown between them and their top challengers.

That should eventually be none other than Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara, the masked sensations.

Their recent pairing is but one of many out of the blue, yet these two are a cut above the rest. Not only are they natural-born high-flyers, but also well beloved by fans worldwide.

Rey Mysterio is a pro-wrestling icon and his partner, Sin Cara, stands to learn a lot from him. There has been a sort of difficulty for "Mystico" to connect with fans. He also appears to take his time working the WWE style, which could spell disaster when thinking about long-term commitment.

Fortunately, the master of the 6-1-9 will make sure that doesn't happen.

It is wonderful to see how many teams suddenly appear on the scene. You now have the Prime Time Players, The Usos, Primo and Epico, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd plus Rhodes Scholars, the temporary (hopefully) pairing of Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. 

Daniel Bryan, Kane, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara in the same program would make it an all-star affair, not to mention must-see TV.

All this recipe needs is a villainous bunch of characters causing trouble. Rhodes and Sandow? They certainly have issues and history with the masked Superstars.

Whether it be against Hell No or Rhodes Scholars, Rey/Cara must challenge for the tag titles between now and the end of 2012.

If for no other reason, the tag team championship would be thrust in the spotlight once more and the damage done to the division can start to be reversed. 

No one should feel "above" any championship. So it is great to see such big names being paired together to further their career, a storyline and help bring more prestige to historic titles.

All other characters aside, these two provide fans with fast-paced action, great synergy and they even have matching outfits, if only to make things more interesting.

Gazing into the future, a true WWE fan must also realize that a match pitting Rey Mysterio against Sin Cara would undoubtedly make some headlines and therefore, must happen down the road.

What better way to start planning this than having the "partnership" win the tag titles and then lose them down the road. Professional wrestling is good at making friends turn on each other after a loss like that.

Everything is but at the starting point now, but certainly could be made to end up like that if the company wants it so, provided no further injuries occur.

On a side note, it is nice to think of how a TLC match featuring Rey Msterio/Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan/Kane vs. Cody Rhodes/Damien Sandow would turn out as opposed to the legendary Hardys/Dudleys/E&C matches of ages past.

Things are heating up in WWE. Some can even claim the Road to WrestleMania has already begun.

It should be rapid fire action from here on end—blink and you'd miss it.