WWE Hell in a Cell 2012: Should Every Match Be Inside the Cell?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistOctober 4, 2012


Pro wrestling promotions sure love their gimmick pay-per-views, don't they?

WWE alone has TLC, Hell in a Cell, Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, Extreme Rules, Money in the Bank and Night of Champions.

Every one of those events is either built around a type of gimmick match or has a gimmick for the whole PPV itself.

These types of what we call B-level PPVs (Royal Rumble excluded) are always hit or miss, and the ones based around gimmick matches are even more unpredictable.

When PPV first came into the mainstream, there were only a couple of events each year and they always featured high-profile feuds and matches.

These events were also given names that were both ridiculous and awesome at the same time.

These days we get 12-13 events each year from WWE, and the fact that it can't come up with better names for these PPVs than the match they are basing it around speaks volumes about how hard it is to be original in the business of wrestling.

there is some logic, though. TNA and WWE like to have some of their events based around their key match-types to draw in viewers who may lean more towards the insane matches than the normal matches.

Take Extreme Rules for example. Despite WWE not using blood anymore, we still have a PPV where every match has some kind of hardcore stipulation.

With Hell in a Cell just a few weeks away, we are beginning to see the card start to form with what matches we will get to see.

So far we have only one official match announced between Sheamus and Big Show and one match for the tag team titles which has yet to determine a challenger for Kane and Daniel Bryan.

With a gimmick like Hell in a Cell you always tend to get very brutal and entertaining matches. In fact, I cannot remember one match inside a cell I did not at least somewhat enjoy.

TNA has its annual Lockdown event where every match takes place inside a cage, and it got me thinking; Why doesn't WWE have every match inside the cell?

If WWE were to have all its matches on this PPV take place inside the cell, then it would add a degree of danger that fans don't often get in a PG environment.

Doing this would also give a little boost to some of the midcard matches which might not have been as exciting in a normal setting.

Kane is no stranger to the cell and his match with Daniel Bryan against a yet-to-be-determined team could be amplified by putting it inside the cell.

They would not even have to use the cell that much. They would just need to use it a few times during the match and then they get to brag and say "We just won a HIAC match against so-and-so."

It is almost a lock we will see the WWE and World title matches inside the cell, even though Sheamus vs. Big Show has yet to be announced as a HIAC match, but the other title matches, at least, should be in the cell.

WWE needs to experiment with a full-blown gimmick PPV and this should be the one they use as a test for the rest.

What do you think?

Should WWE use the cell more during Hell in a Cell or should it just be the top two matches inside the demonic structure?

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