Is It Really Time to Shake Things Up Again

Eric RyalsContributor IMarch 7, 2009

Ok it's been a long time since I wrote a little bit. Alright so it's about Wrestlemania time so were "going to shake things up" fairly soon. As most people who know they understand I hate the current state of the Tag Team division and as you also know the draft in my oponion kills the Tag Divisoin more and more each year. As we look at the tag division we see nothing but mess....but maybe this years draft may help....

I will start my rant with RAW:

The Raw tag champions are no longer on Raw and soon they will be heading to SD! (spoiler). Looking around I see no tag team that are even being looked at to take  over the division...I mean we do have Priceless or as we know them now Legacy who are caught up in the Orton HHH angle so they dont compete in this none existing tag division, then there's Crime Time who always get a push but we never see them in a ligit tag title match. Then u look at the Raw roster and realize...they have nobody at all...thats why all the titles are on SD!... My prediction post draft....Raw couldn't get any


Atleast they have a tag division...I mean really come on WWE You already took the world title to SD! not the Raw tag belts too.....the Colon's are a nice tag team dont get me wrong but I dont feel like they should be the staple for the tag team division for the whole company...Granted SD! has potential teams in Hawkins and Ryder, Kendrik and Zeke and Jesse and Festus. Then there are potential teams like Braddock and Kizarny, Truth and MVP (just a suggestion)..Im my mind...the draft may even things up just a bit...

Im not sure what this draft brings but nothing could make the divisons worse...Hey TNA is crapping all over WWE in the Tag Team scene right now