Buffalo, Get Your Popcorn Ready: Terrell Owens Signs a 1-Year Deal With Bills

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMarch 7, 2009

Infamous Terrell Owens will be getting ready to bring his circus act to the city of Buffalo. Just days after being foolishly released by the Dallas Cowboys, Owens has managed to land himself a new home in Buffalo.

Details of the contract are yet to be announced, but I wouldn't be surprised that the reason Buffalo give him a one-year contract was a way to test the waters with Owens.

Certainly, the signing helps give the Bills a lot of much needed fire-power. Now defenses must plan to cover both Lee Evans and Terrell Owens. It makes Evans' job easier, and it certainly will make Marshawn Lynch's job easier.

Now, Quarterback Trent Edwards will have much more versatility to play with.

I will be the first to go on record and say that this was a good move by the Buffalo Bills. If anything, the smaller market might make things easier when it comes to dealing with the alleged drama Terrell Owens brings to the table.

A press conference will be held at 6:15 PM at the Buffalo Bills team headquarters.