NFL Power Rankings: Highlighting the Biggest Disappointments of the Season

Eli NachmanyCorrespondent IIIOctober 3, 2012

NFL Power Rankings: Highlighting the Biggest Disappointments of the Season

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    On Monday, NFL Lead Writer Matt Miller published his weekly NFL Power Rankings and you can check them out here before going through this reactionary piece.

    While some teams, like the Cardinals, are surprisingly soaring, other NFL squads are not where they should be at this point in the season.

    From Miller's rankings, here are the biggest disappointments considering their immense talent.

16. Dallas Cowboys

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    With one of the best offenses (talent-wise) in the NFL, the Cowboys should be ashamed of the fact that they can't be consistent.

    Tony Romo is a prolific quarterback but can't seem to get it together on a game-to-game basis.

    With the talent to be somewhere in the Top 10, Dallas needs to get things straight on both sides of the ball and start winning games.

21. Detroit Lions

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    A playoff team just a year ago, the Detroit Lions are a shell of the squad that started off the 2011 season 5-0.

    Ndamukong Suh just hasn't been himself and Titus Young can't take double teams away from Calvin Johnson on a regular basis.

    Now 1-3 after a loss to their division rival, the upstart Minnesota Vikings, the Lions are at an unfortunate early crossroads.

24. Kansas City Chiefs

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    The only problem on this team is that it's not getting good play at the quarterback position with Matt Cassel, who is really just a backup quarterback with a starter's contract.

    Jamaal Charles has been good (though he needs to cut down on his fumbles) and Dwayne Bowe has also come into his own.

    If the Chiefs would move on from Cassel at quarterback, they'd be a halfway decent team.

29. New Orleans Saints

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    All of a sudden, the New Orleans Saints are 0-4 and can't seem to win a game without their head man, Sean Payton.

    Payton brought this team to a Super Bowl victory and, while there are other factors going on here, their head coach's absence is killing them.

    Things aren't looking up for this team.

30. Oakland Raiders

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    This one starts and ends with the play of Carson Palmer, who is clearly past his prime and has no business being a starter on this team.

    The Raiders rely on a number of mid-to-below average players all around, but looked like a team that could contend this season.

    Mired in a slump, the Raiders wouldn't surprise anyone by missing the playoffs this year.

31. New York Jets

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    Somewhat the point of this whole piece, the New York Jets are the NFL's biggest disappointment, bar none.

    Is Tim Tebow the answer? He may be, but there are a lot more problems on this team than Mark Sanchez' play.

    After losing Santonio Holmes and Darrelle Revis to season-ending injuries, things are not looking up for New York.