Tim Tebow: Starting Job Would Not Equal Fantasy Success for Jets QB

Ian HanfordFeatured ColumnistOctober 3, 2012

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - SEPTEMBER 23: Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the New York Jest prepares to play the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium on September 23, 2012 in Miami Gardens, Florida.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
Marc Serota/Getty Images

Four weeks.

That's how long it has taken Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez to open the door for Tim Tebow as the team's starting signal-caller.

Whether you're a Tebow fan or not, the notions are warranted. Sanchez has been awful. A 69.6 QB rating, five touchdowns, four interceptions and a 49.2 completion percentage is way below a starter's standards.

At least for now, it feels like naming Tebow the Jets' starting QB is just a matter of time, but don't go crazy, fantasy owners.

According to ESPN, Tebow is owned in 13.4 percent of standard-scoring leagues as a backup. If he's named the starter, just by sheer popularity, you can bet that number will skyrocket.

Don't buy into the hype. Tebow would inherit a broken kingdom, one that runs much deeper than Sanchez's shortcomings.

Yes, Tebow is a winner, but wins don't translate to fantasy points.

Last year, Tebow earned 186 fantasy points in nine games as the Denver Broncos starter. That's not terrible, but it still places him among the bottom crust of fantasy starters.

To put it in perspective, Robert Griffin III has 100 through four games this year.

That was in an offense tailor-made for his purposes. Maybe it's my lack of confidence in the Jets' franchise in general, but I can't see the same results happening with Rex Ryan's crew.

For one, Denver didn't have a major ego, expectation or attitude in its locker room last season. As a group, they were just happy to win and follow the Tebow train to the playoffs.

Not that the Jets don't want to win, but this squad is a media machine. Not for the right reasons either. Fighting at practice, handing sound bytes to the media—you name it and the Jets have done it.

Tebow may be considered a miracle worker by some, and last year he was, but the Jets' issues are much bigger than the talent on the field. It's a cultural thing, and it doesn't look like it's changing anytime soon.

New York is currently 27th in the league in passing and 24th in rushing. Defensively, they're without Darrelle Revis and 31st at stopping the run.

Tebow benefited from an elite Broncos defense last season, a unit that's better than the Jets' is right now. Granted, Tebow's ball-control attack helped Denver's defenders as well, but there's no telling how that will play this season.

At this point, Tebow is worth a try for New York. But he's not worth a try in your fantasy lineup even if he does wind up as the starting QB.

Sanchez has been sacked seven times in four games. That number could be much worse, but combine it with the Jets' poor rushing numbers, and the front line doesn't look so good.

We already know that Tebow, despite his Wildcat capabilities, cannot throw the ball down the field. Even if he could, who does New York have to throw to?

At least he had Demaryius Thomas last year. New York has no one who's even that good, especially with Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole announcing that Santonio Holmes is likely out for the season.

The Jets are just a bad situation right now—something not even Tebow can save.

Right now, it looks likely that Ryan will give him a shot behind center. He's not going to have a choice with Sanchez's recent play.

Don't take the bait. Your fantasy squad will be just fine without him.