UFC 154: Georges St-Pierre vs. Carlos Condit Head-to-Toe Breakdown

Anthony Fusco@fusconation16Correspondent IIIOctober 3, 2012

UFC 154: Georges St-Pierre vs. Carlos Condit Head-to-Toe Breakdown

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    For the first time in nearly a year, we get to see Georges St-Pierre return to the Octagon this November, when the Canadian will face an incredibly stiff test in interim champion Carlos Condit.

    This should be an epic fight between two great competitors. One the one hand, you have the always dangerous Condit. On the other, you have the consistently dominant GSP.

    Here is a head-to-toe breakdown of their fight at UFC 154.


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    For me, this was a difficult call. Both men have top-of-the-line striking skills.

    GSP has trained with some of the best boxing coaches around and has developed some amazing talents.

    His jab, which he basically used to win his second fight with Josh Koscheck, is particularly dangerous.

    However, Condit has very dangerous striking ability as well. He mixes in a good amount kicks and knees.

    GSP has a more refined technical striking arsenal, but Condit is more unpredictable and can end a fight in a split second.

    No one gets the edge here.

    Edge: Push


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    This is basically a no-brainer.

    GSP is clearly a better wrestler than Condit.

    The 31-year-old is considered to possess some of the best wrestling ability in the UFC, which is incredible. After all, he has no amateur or professional background in it.

    Offensively or defensively, St-Pierre can use his wrestling skills in any given situation.

    Edge: GSP


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    Both men have very good submission skills. GSP is a BJJ black belt, while Condit is a BJJ brown belt.

    Condit has 13 submission wins to St-Pierre's five. Even as a brown belt, the American has shown he should not be taken lightly.

    Condit is the better grappler off his back, and is always dangerous when his opponent is on the ground with him.

    Opponents have to be aware at all times, or else he can lock in that fight-ending submission.

    Edge: Condit


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    This will be the first time we've seen GSP fight in the Octagon in a while.

    We need to see if his knee effectively holds up, and if the surgery took away any of his explosiveness.

    Condit has the interim belt and really wants to exchange that for the real belt. That means he's incredibly motivated. 

    Will he be able to finish the always dominant Canadian? We will soon know.

    Both men will need their cardio to be up to par. GSP has gone the distance more than Condit has, but both men always have lots left over in the tank.


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    I believe that St-Pierre is coming into this fight with a chip on his shoulder.

    He wants to prove his doubters wrong, and finish the fight decisively.

    Meanwhile, Condit wants to get the belt from around the Canadian's waist and become the undisputed welterweight champion.

    I think GSP comes out and tries to finish this fight. He's desperate to secure a finish and get back to reigning over the division.

    I'm calling something we haven't seen from St-Pierre in a while—I believe he will go out and win this fight via submission.

    Prediction: GSP by fourth-round submission