The Twisted Road To WrestleMania 25

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IMarch 7, 2009

Let's start with the unexpected attack by Legacy on The Game at last Friday's SmackDown.
Although the beating went on for far too long in my opinion, it was still very effective .
No doubt many a fans were on the edge of their seat waiting for Hunter to get his second wind, or be consumed with rage and launch an attack on Legacy that they would not forget in a hurry, yet alas it never came, instead we were subjected to seeing Hunter crawling on the mat drooling all over himself.
Surely this is not the end of it.
Was Hunter surprised , well that really doesn't matter  now does it?
The viewers were the ones that were shocked and awed at the vicious ,relentless attack by Legacy on The Game after the stipulation that Orton made on Raw this past Monday.
Neither wrestler could touch the other without provocation.
Well I think it is fair to say that Hunter now how plenty of  provocation to attack Orton and legacy.

Will we  finally get to see the Dark match of the year ?
DX & Cena vs. Orton and Legacy.
We can only hope that happens and that we are not subjected to another episode of Hunter chasing Legacy around with his trusty sledge hammer,

Moving on to Cena's mysterious whispers to the GM of Smackdown Vicky Guerrero
here is a nice twist ,will we to see a 3 way  match for the world heavy weight Title at WM25  Edge vs Cena vs Big show?
I dare say we will  unless yet another twist unravels it self.

On the Diva front
Yet another Diva from the past has been asked to participate in the Battle royal at WM25
rumor has it that Miss Jakie  has been approached .

No answer yet from Miss Jackie.

The other ex diva approached is 2 time WWE women's champion Molly Holly, no answer as yet from Miss Greenwald

On The legends front
There has been a lot of speculation regarding Hulk Hogan ,  it is hardly likely that he will appear at WM25 due to  recent Back surgery.
Thank the God for that small mercy.

The big question
Who will Jericho face at WM25.
It would be an insult to Jericho as a superstar to wrestle anyone but Stone cold.

Money in the Bank ladder match
There sure are some big Superstars in that one and I don't mean Big as in reputation.
Sure wouldn't want one of those big baba's  crashing down on me that's for sure.
I hope they reinforce that ladder .

The Hardy brothers are doing a wonderful job at building the tension WM25 match.
However I would like too see  more action and less talking on that front.

Stay tuned , i am sure there are going to be plenty more twists and turns yet to come.