25 Sports Videos That Will Make You Laugh

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterOctober 5, 2012

25 Sports Videos That Will Make You Laugh

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    One of the reasons we love sports—as competitors, as spectators, as fans—is that you can experience the entire range of human emotions. This is why the game inspires such passion and made the major pro and collegiate leagues more popular than ever.

    The funniest moments in sports are often the rarest, which is why bloopers are equally at home on SportsCenter as an amazing one-handed catch, or seemingly impossible birdie on the 18th hole.

    The beauty of sports comedy is it can happen to any of us, so you don't necessarily have to pop in that dusty "Football Bloopers" VHS tape to laugh. In fact, YouTube and hundreds of other video clip sites on the web have given us the gift of other people's fails.

    These are 25 Sports Videos that Will Make You Laugh.

Coach Makes Strange Analogy

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    Former Coastal Carolina head coach David Bennett had led the football program since its inaugural season in 2003, so perhaps he felt he held enough cache to go on this bizarre, but hilarious, rant in 2011.

    Declaring that his players need to, "be more like dogs," Bennett went a little TMI about the daily lives of his pets as his convoluted analogy grew more confusing and frantic.

    If you don't laugh when he "meows," then you have no funny bone.

Giving Him the Business

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    Today's National Football League is a well-oiled corporate machine; every detail of the sport's business is tightly controlled. So when an NFL referee deviates from the usual, dry delivery when announcing a penalty, it's always a little surprising.

    This ref not only strays from the script, but gives an awesomely candid and personal assessment of the situation.

Goalkeeper's Taunts Backfire

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    Trash talking has very little upside: if you back it up, you risk looking like total a-hole; if you fail you will look like a huge loser. As if talking wasn't bad enough, this goalkeeper starts cartwheeling around the joint before a penalty kick.

    As expected, the shooter buries it, and sweet justice prevails.

Raptors' Mascot Has Had Better Days

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    Considering the ridiculous get-ups used by many of today's mascots—especially in the NBA—I'm shocked that a train wreck like this doesn't happen more often.

    I imagine that the Toronto Raptor costume is kind of difficult to move around in on its own, so it seems obvious that making it wear rollerblades and attempt go down the arena steps is a very bad idea. But, I'm happy common sense didn't prevail.

    Watching that weird red dinosaur head flap around before planting face-first on the court is simply priceless.

Referee Plays Charades

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    While the NFL replacement refs gave the world a glimpse of just how awful officiating can be, but we shouldn't forget that the regulars—at any level—have their moments.

    This guy just says, "To hell with it."

Green Men Get Weird with Drew Doughty

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    The Vancouver Green Men are both famous, and infamous, for their hilariously creepy antics at Canucks games.

    Named to ESPN's Hall of Fans this year, Sully and Force symbolism the raw 'Id' of hockey fans--they go there while most of us are content to engage in the standard clapping, yelling and cursing.

    In this particular clip, the viewer--and Los Angeles Kings player Drew Doughty--get a full dose of the signature Green Man skeevy, butt-facing hand-stand.

You're Doing It Wrong

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    I know this just high school-level girls hurdles, but when you watch this debacle, you can't help but feel it's setting back decades of progress when it comes to the image women's athletics.

    I'm using a bit of hyperbole of course, but that's just how funny this video is. While the performance of these two "athletes" is awe-inspiring in its ineptitude, you have to appreciate the fact they finish the race.

Don't Make Eye Contact

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    Look closely at this fan video—a clearly irritated squirrel launches itself at former Minnesota Twins third baseman Brendan Harris.

    The players, coaches and officials seem unsure of whether to halt the game, while the rodent frantically darts around the field. It eventually stops and kind of stares down the wary left fielder before the video ends.

Rain Delay Dance Off!

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    Baseball games can be notoriously long, but a rain delay can be excruciating for even the most diehard fan.

    Fortunately for the people who gutted out the inclement weather at this 2009 Big East Tournament game between USF and Connecticut, the players took it upon themselves to put on an absurd, awesome show.

A Simple True or Fart Question

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    On-air gaffes are comedy gold; there is simply no arguing this truth.

    Typically, when a 'fart' is associated with broadcast journalism, it's the bodily function, not the word itself. If this is a "Freudian Slip" then I'm not sure I want to know what was lurking within Robert Flores' subconscious.

Bowler Forgets to Let Go of Ball

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    99.9 percent of the world sucks at bowling. This is why a bowling alley can be simultaneously filled with actual bowling enthusiasts, children, surly teenagers and beer guzzling friends who lose interest in keeping score after about an hour.

    When that 99.9 percent get together and toss gutter balls, fall down, or engage in other shenanigans, it's a kind of funny.

    However, when a pro from that .1 percent is on television and does this, it's hilarious.

Metta World Peace Is Excited

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    Metta World Peace is rarely boring, always weird, a little scary and often funny (not always intentionally.)

    This 2010 postgame press conference after the Los Angeles Lakers were crowned NBA champions kind of brings all these ingredients together into a single Metta Peace slurry.

Squirrel Disrupts Game for Dirt Bath

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    This squirrel is not going to let something like a little baseball game stop it from live'n its life. A life that apparently was in desperate need of a good army crawl through the infield dirt.

    Hey, at least he's a squirrel and has no idea that its hijinks are drawing the attention of thousands of people. What's this guy's excuse?

A New Way to Not Lose in MMA

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    MMA is a brutal sport. Most of time if you win, your face still looks a little like hamburger, and if you lose, may not be walking out of the ring without assistance.

    These guys appear to have found a third way—knock each other out, simultaneously, at the beginning of the match.

Matty Ice Celebration Fail

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    Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan may be one of the best young passers in the NFL, but no matter how many thousands of yards he throws for, or touchdowns he tosses, his legacy will forever be haunted by this clip.

    The human torso has the greatest surface area of any part of the human anatomy, yet Matty Ice manages to miss.

Kobe Leaves Phil Hanging

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    Don't worry Phil, I imagine this is how most people outside of Kobe Bryant's inner circle feel when trying to interact with the aloof NBA superstar. Unfortunately, you made it something real, and caught on camera.

In Volleyball, You Only Get One Strike

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    Everyone has one of those days; one of those moments when the universe seems to be conspiring against you.

    Perhaps that's what happened to this poor girl here. Or, this was the moment she decided never to play volleyball again.

Crazy Like a Fox

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    Not every kid—boy or girl—is going to be great at sports. Those are just the facts.

    I don't know whether this little t-ball champ is going to grow into a star on the field, but I have to say he's already an innovator for the sport.

Mascot May Want to Try a Different Sport (One Without Ice)

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    What begins as a choreographed (I use the term loosely) mascot escapade at a Carolina Hurricanes game, quickly turns into a living nightmare for whoever is stuck in that weird blue chicken costume.

    You can tell the other mascots understand that the person is struggling, but don't intervene until it's apparent they might actually be hurt.

    I can't blame them—being a Good Samaritan won't pay a furry's bills.

Dog Takes over Football Match

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    You know that half of every atom in that police dog's body and mind was screaming: GET THE BALL. While the other halves were imploring: STAY.

    It's obvious that the dark side was just too strong. Can you blame the pup?

That IS Kinda Gay

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    The color commentator on a football broadcast is paid to spew out a bunch of nonsense over the course of three hours, but sometimes it's just too much for the other person in the booth.

You Sure That Was an Accident?

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    Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeff Lurie has had his share of ups and downs during the Andy Reid era, so can you blame him for being excited when his team destroyed the division rival Cowboys in the 2008 NFL Playoffs.

    But, you have to ask yourself, did he get lost in the moment or did he seize it?

At Least He Stopped the Shot

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    There are thousands of video clips on the interwebs that feature a kid getting blasted in the face by an errant soccer ball. This one might be the cream of the crop.

    It must be frustrating for all those amateur comedians who brave open-mic night that the image of a person getting hit in the face by a ball is pretty much a guaranteed laugh.

Craziest Georgia Fan...Ever

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    He's passionate, to the point of appearing enraged. He looks like he's been dipped in plaster. And, most importantly, he's got a wretched ginger bowl cut.

    This Georgia fan wanted the attention and he got.

    Thank you, sir. This video captures your insanity for posterity.

UGA Goes for His War Eagle

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    The University of Georgia's adorable mascot UGA is the gift that keeps on giving, even if he keeps dying and getting replaced.

    I may even prefer this UGA, more than I do the one that makes our hearts melt while making actual ice melt.