Finding a Head Coach: The Real Problem for the Buffalo Bills

Josh TrueloveCorrespondent IIIOctober 2, 2012

Buffalo Bills' Head Coach Chan Gailey
Buffalo Bills' Head Coach Chan GaileyRick Stewart/Getty Images

After the humiliating loss the Buffalo Bills suffered to the New England Patriots on Sunday, a lot of fans, media and television analysts are pointing fingers at whom they think is to blame for the utter embarrassment. While most are correct in their finger pointing and blame, they are forgetting to blame a key group: the coaching staff.

We have seen and heard a lot of blame towards quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick's inconsistency does hurt Buffalo, and his four turnovers on Sunday played a key factor in the loss to New England. Like any quarterback, Fitzpatrick received a lot of the blame for the loss; some unnecessary and some logical. What most people are forgetting is that Ryan Fitzpatrick does not play defense.

Ryan Fitzpatrick did not let Tom Brady look like he was playing against a Division III defense and set NFL records. Fitzpatrick did not allow 45 points in the second half. He did not play well, but he is not completely to blame. 

The biggest complaints, and rightfully so, have been aimed at Buffalo's big free agent signing—Mario Williams. Mario Williams was brought to Buffalo to aid their beyond-terrible pass rush. Through four games this season, Williams has 1.5 sacks. So far, the Bills look foolish for paying 100 million dollars for Williams, but it is still early. 

During the game on Sunday, Mario Williams was a non-factor. He faced one-on-one matchups for most of the game and looked like more like a sloppy grizzly bear than a 100 million dollar pass rusher. He looked slow, lazy, weak and embarrassed. The complaints towards Mario thus far are more than justified, but he is still not the major reason Buffalo looked so bad.

The real reason Buffalo lost, and will continue to look bad while they lose, is because of the incompetent clowns they have on their coaching staff. Chan Gailey's offense can work, but it is not consistent enough. Dave Wannstedt's playcalling on defense is the real reason Buffalo lost. For the entire game, except for one play, Wannstedt only rushed three or four pass rushers. Granted, we all thought it could work with Buffalo's revamped defensive line, but the revamped defensive line is playing more like a bunch of slobs.

Once the defensive scheme was not working, Wannstedt and Gailey would sure enough change the game plan! Or maybe not. The Bills made zero second half adjustments, and Bill Belichick took advantage of it. The Patriots just destroyed the Bills' simple and ridiculously bad defensive scheme. It was embarrassing for Bills' fans, players and most of all, the coaching staff.

Coaching is the big problem in Buffalo. It has been for years, and it will continue to be. Good teams have good coaches. It is that simple, and Buffalo does not understand that. Also, it is near impossible for Buffalo to land a a big name, proven head coach. No coach who can go wherever he wants will take a job in cold, snowy Buffalo where it is hard to land free agents. And who can blame them?

Think I'm exaggerating? Let's take a look at Buffalo's head coaches since Marv Levy.

Wade Phillips: Need I say more? Caused a ridiculous QB controversy between a good QB and a terrible one.

Record with Bills: 29-19


Gregg Williams: Unsuccessful 

Record with Bills: 17-31


Mike Mularkey: Unsuccessful

Record with Bills: 14-18


Dick Jauron: Unsuccessful

Record with Bills: 24-33


Chan Gailey: He has a reputation for sticking with sub-par/mediocre QBs longer than he should; and he is doing it again.

Record with Bills: 10-22


That says it all. Buffalo needs to start winning before they lose their fans and franchise to Los Angeles. Until they get a real head coach, the wins will not come.

To Jon Gruden, Bill Cowher and other coaches who know what they are doing when it comes to football: If you read this, please come to Buffalo. The Bills need your help...desperately.