Is John Cena Still in the World-Title Picture?

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IMarch 7, 2009

John Cena is a former World Heavyweight Champion. He won that title at Survivor Series (beating Chris Jericho) and lost it at No Way Out (in the elimination chamber to Edge).

He used up his rematch and unfortunately did not win the title(Edge got disqualified). Right after that Vickie Guerrero, the interim general manager of Raw named the Big Show No. 1 contender for Edge's title.

Big Show and Edge were suppose to sign the contracts, but John Cena interrupted it and that leaves us with a question. Is Cena still in the World Title picture?

I think he is.

John Cena interrupting the contract signing signifies that he is still in that run for the world title. Cena has the big urge right now to be champ and you can see that easily. I personally think that he will make the world title match at Wrestlemania a Triple threat match.

I think he will confront Vickie Guerrero tell her to put him in a match against Big Show or Edge to qualify for the match in World title match at Wrestlemania. I personally think that he will even win that match and bring the World Title back to Raw.

I'm saying that he'll bring the title back to Raw because I think that Randy Orton WILL NOT bring the WWE title to Raw. Sure, Orton is an amazing superstar with in ring ability and mic ability, but I think The Game will retain his title. 

Speaking of The Game, I know that everyone thinks that Triple H will be returning to Raw, but he's not. I thought that he would come back to Raw too, but after some convincing stuff I've heard from insiders I'm almost certain the he will stay a part of SmackDown. 

And if he retains the WWE title then that's staying on SmackDown and I'm 100 percent sure that Raw WILL NOT be left without a major title, so that's why I think that Cena is bringing the title back to Raw.

John Cena is a man that wins title and this is a that he can win. Personally, I would rather have the World Title on Raw then the WWE title, because the World title is more important (in my opinion) than the WWe Title.

I'm not saying that the WWE title is not important because it is, but the World title is just more important. And I think it would be amazing if Cena could to bring it back to Raw!

In the end, I think Cena will sooner or later get in that match at Wrestlemania for the World Title and he will win it!