My Predictions For Wrestlemania 25

sebastian cedenoContributor IMarch 7, 2009

I know WrestleMania 25 isn't for another 29 days but these or my predictions for what is going to happen Wrestlemania 25


John Cena the new World Heavyweight champion

Christan the New Ecw Champion

Randy Orton the new WWE Champion

Undertaker is now 17-0

Stone cold confronts Chris Jericho then after Jericho slaps him to cause stone cold to Stunner him

Kane is Mr. Money in the bank

Matt Wins Jeff in a extreme rules match

Melina wins Maryse in a lumberjack match

Know this is what i think is going to happened after WrestleMania

Kane cashes in money in the bank and wins the World Championship but John Cena wins it back at Backlash

Jack Swagger Fails to regain the ECW Championship at Backlash

Triple regains the WWE Championship but Randy Orton & Triple H Fight until Judgement Day in an I Quit Match Which Randy Orton Loses

Edge and Big Show have a Rivalry Until judgement Day which Edge Fails to win at both Backlash & Judgement Day

Matt Hardy & Jeff both Fight til Judgement Day in a loser leaves smackdown match which Jeff fails to win at Judgement Day