Odds Georgia Can Land No. 1 Junior College Player Toby Johnson over Oklahoma

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIOctober 2, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

The Georgia Bulldogs have a big opportunity to snag a great player when 247Sports' No. 1 Junior College recruit and 5-star defensive tackle Toby Johnson heads to Athens for a visit.

According to quotes via Michael Carvell of ajc.com,  Johnson will visit UGA on an official, and he already he's got a good feeling about the program:

Yes, I know for a fact that Georgia is going to get an official visit,” Johnson told the AJC.

“I definitely feel good about Georgia. They are one of my top schools. I’ve got a real good relationship with coach Mark Richt. I feel like he’s a player’s coach.

This is great news for Georgia fans, as Johnson would be a stellar addition to their defense. He checks it at a very impressive 6'4.5'', 310 pounds according to 247sports, and they also have him running a 4.89 40, which is great for a player of his size.

Georgia would obviously love to have a player of his caliber on their sideline, but they aren't the only team interested.

247Sports has schools like Arkansas, Florida State, USC and Nebraska as warm interests amongst other notable programs, but the school Georgia may have to worry the most about is the school that Johnson took his first official visit to: Oklahoma.

According to Carvell's report, Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops made a very strong pitch:

What was the best thing that Bob Stoops said during the visit? “He just basically told me that no other place will give me the opportunity that they will. They have three seniors leaving on the defensive line, along with a junior that will probably leave early for the NFL.”

So, with other notable programs trying to get Johnson's commitment and opportunities galore at Oklahoma, what are the odds Georgia can come away with the 5-star defensive tackle?

Odds:  Likely

If I could put a percentage on this I would go with about 75-percent chances Georgia can land Johnson.

Oklahoma may have made a good impression, but Carvell reports Johnson will visit Ole Miss, and he also quotes the recruit saying that he wants to visit new places and has no time line for a commit.

Being first will actually hurt Oklahoma here.

It's often said that the first impression is the strongest, but I believe it's the last and/or strongest impression that really matters in recruiting.

Georgia has an incredible football atmosphere, an SEC draw and the current No. 5 ranking in the AP all going for them.

The good relationship with Richt really helps the Bulldogs out here as well, as the coach/player dynamic can either make or break the recruiting process.

Finally, the Bulldogs are building a young, dynamic and National Championship worthy program that Johnson can be a big part of. Two out of Georgia's four defensive lineman are upperclassmen, so the Bulldogs can give the 5-star D-lineman an opportunity to contribute early and often as well.

Oklahoma is a major college football program with a ton of tradition, but then again so is Georgia. If that's on an even playing field I would give the advantage to the school with the best chance to win a National Championship in the next few years, and that's undoubtedly Georgia.

There are ton of schools after Johnson, and for good reason, but I believe the Georgia Bulldogs have a very good chance to land his commitment, especially if the visit goes well.

Oklahoma has a lot to offer, but in this instance, Georgia has more.

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