4 Records Drew Brees Should Own by the Time His Career Is Over

John Rozum@Rozum27Correspondent IOctober 2, 2012

4 Records Drew Brees Should Own by the Time His Career Is Over

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    Drew Brees is the sole piece holding the New Orleans Saints together.

    He's virtually the last piece in Jenga that is managing to prevent the entire structure from falling like a house of cards.

    In short, Brees being the Saints' only hope at scoring points and piling up yards gives him an advantage regarding career perspective. New Orleans currently lacks a running game and even if the offense gets going on the ground in 2012, it's Brees' passing threat which sets up the lanes.

    Last season, New Orleans ranked No. 6 in rushing offense and averaged 4.9 yards per carry.

    Well, that is largely due to Brees dicing up every defense on the schedule. Courtesy of a vulnerable defense allowing a ridiculous number of points per game, the Saints have no chance to win without Brees airing it out.

    Therefore, the sharpshooter possesses an excellent opportunity to break numerous NFL records. Here, we look at the records Brees is most likely to own after he's finished dropping back from under center.

Passing Yards

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    This is Drew Brees' 12th NFL season, and through four games of 2012, he has compiled 42,092 career passing yards.

    Now yes, Brees still has quite a ways to go before catching Brett Favre. After all, Favre played for a million years and finished with 71,838 career passing yards.

    Brees, though, has a good four or five years left and his recent pace will quickly make up ground. From 2006 through 2011, Brees averaged over 4,700 yards during that six-year span. Provided this marginally increases closer to 5,000 over the next four seasons, he will flirt with Favre's career total.

    One thing favoring Favre was that he played into his 40s. So unless Brees remains under center through the 2019 season, he simply has to keep flying higher each year at the helm.

Passing Touchdowns

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    With 291 career touchdown passes, Drew Brees is 217 away from Brett Favre's 508.

    Much like with passing yards, Brees will need to either play for another eight years or continue increasing his production totals to surpass Favre.

    In correlation to the past six years with the Saints compared to the San Diego Chargers, Brees' numbers skyrocketed by comparison. Every year since 2006, he has thrown no less than 26 touchdown passes and 201 of his total TDs have come with the Saints.

    Having already thrown 10 through the first four games of 2012, Brees can definitely reach 40 this season and potentially more if the defense doesn't slow anyone down.

Completion Percentage

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    This is the most impressive aspect of Drew Brees' career.

    For as much as the man throws the rock, the more passes attempted obviously gives any defender additional interception/break-up opportunities.

    However, because Brees is so well-versed at utilizing all of his receiving targets, no defensive unit has a chance to consistently shut him down. The sign of an elite quarterback is one that spreads the field, gets a quick yet thorough pre-snap read and possesses a quick release.

    Brees embodies all that with his impressive 65.7 career completion percentage.

    At the moment, Chad Pennington holds the career record with a 66.05 completion percentage, according to the NFL record and fact book. Before the 2012 season kicked off Brees was ranked second, so with plenty of time remaining the New Orleans gunslinger has a cakewalk en route to this record.


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    You can't hold the touchdowns, interceptions and yards passing career records without having attempted the most passes.

    Unsurprisingly, Brett Favre is the record-holder in this statistic as well.

    Drew Brees, though, is certainly capable of anyone else under center right now of breaking this number. Favre's 10,169 attempts are 1,811 ahead of Dan Marino, who currently lies in the second spot. Brees has attempted 5,670 career passes thus far and is definitely light years away.

    Nevertheless, because his right arm is the Saints' only legitimate opportunity to move the chains and score, Brees will quickly rise up these rankings. Every season since 2005 he has attempted a minimum of 500 passes and has breached 600 in four of the past five years.

    At this point he might as well be a MLB starting pitcher throwing back-to-back full games during a doubleheader. That's how often Brees is asked to drop back in New Orleans.

    Before it's all said and done, the next 5,000-plus attempts will happen as fast as the Saints can score and accumulate yards.


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