Bears vs. Cowboys: Even Good Jay Cutler Is a Ticking Time Bomb for Chicago Bears

Jesse ReedCorrespondent IOctober 2, 2012

Screw you guys, I'm going home.
Screw you guys, I'm going home.Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is like the San Andreas fault—you never know when he's about to cause all hell to break loose, but you know it's going to happen. 

Even on Cutler's good days, he does something that registers on the Richter scale.

The latest rumblings of his malcontent were evident on Monday Night Football, when he willfully ignored his offensive coordinator not once, but twice, as Mike Tice attempted to communicate with the quarterback (h/t

Then, after the game, Cutler continued his childish behavior with the media when asked about his impetuous brush-off, according to the Chicago Tribune's Brad Biggs, saying:

I don't have to sit by (Tice) the whole game, do I? We can't read into everything. ... You can't blow up every headline. Things happen during football games. Just because I walk off and get water doesn't mean much.

Right...that's what happened. How silly of us to think that Cutler's schoolboy attitude was simply a case of him needing to hydrate. 

It would be easier to stomach this response from Cutler if he didn't have such a laundry list of previous offenses.

If someone like San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith pulled a stunt like this, we could brush it off as a one-time, heat-of-the-battle moment of frustration, but this is Mr. Poutypants himself we're talking about. 

Remember, we're only a couple of games removed from Cutler's incident with J'Marcus Webb—when he not only chewed out his left tackle in plain view of everyone watching but also bumped him angrily in the process (h/t Chicago Sun-Times).

According to PFT, a source with direct knowledge of that situation worried that the Bears locker room was in danger of "turning on Cutler, for good."

Teammate D.J. Moore didn't shy away from letting people hear his take on the situation, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, saying, "I don't think you can act like that."

Cutler would like us to all think that he's just a normal guy who gets  vilified in the media, but he's dead wrong.

He has legitimate issues with leadership and maturity that can't be overlooked, and the way he pouts and throws tantrums on the sidelines is the reason we have websites like Smokin' Jay Cutler making waves on the Internet. 

Cutler is a meme waiting to happen.

Furthermore, his attitude and selfish behavior are evident for all to see on a regular basis, and it's only a matter of time before his team completely turns against him. 


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