Royal Rumble 2009: The Legacy of Randy Orton

Scotty MillerCorrespondent IMarch 7, 2009

The Royal Rumble this year hosted from Detroit, MI. There was four championships on the line and of course the biggest match of the night was the 30 Man Royal Rumble Match to determine the No. 1 contender at Wrestlemania XXV. Lets start things off with the ECW Championship.

The first match of the night was for the ECW World Championship between the "All American American" Jack Swagger and the challenger Matt Hardy. Hardy had just lost the title two weeks prior to Swagger on ECW. So Hardy was looking to reclaim his title here in this match. But with his signature gut-wrench powerbomb, Swagger gets the win and remains the ECW Champion.

Match No. 2 was for the Women's Championship as Melina challenges the bigger and stronger Women's Champion Beth Phoenix (who was accompanied by Santino Marella). Beth seemed just dominate here. Just toying with Melina all through the match. Even hitting Melina at one point with Melina's very own foot. But with a sudden counter into the quick roll up, Melina defeats Beth Phoenix and become's the new Women's Champion for the third time.

After viewing the following video promo for the upcoming World Heavyweight Championship, JBL tells Shawn Michaels what he is supposed to do in their upcoming match. Then out of nowhere pops up the Undertaker and tells HBK, "Sometimes it's Hell getting to Heaven." That statement right there would then begin the Undertaker's & HBK's road the Wrestlemania.

The next match was for the World Heavyweight Championship as John Cena defends his title against JBL with Shawn Michaels in his corner. After the referee gets knocked now and with the Undertaker in his head, HBK jumps into the ring and superkicks JBL. Thinking that Shawn has come to his senses, John Cena then gets a superkick as well. But in the end Cena gets the win and retains his World Title.

The last championship match of the night was between the new WWE Champion Jeff Hardy and the "Rated R Superstar" Edge. But before things got underway, Smackdown General Manager, Vickie Guerrero, came out and made this match a No Disqualification Match. These two long rivals did everything they could to win this match.

When Jeff was about to win the match, Vickie pulls out the referee which would stop his count. Then Jeff's brother Matt comes out and just before they would con-chair-to Edge, Matt turns on his brother and hit Jeff with a steel chair. That enable Edge to get the pin on Jeff and become the new WWE Champion.

The main event of the night was the 30 Man Royal Rumble Match. The past Monday on RAW however, Randy Orton would take out Mr. McMahon with a violent assault right after Mr. McMahon was about to fire Orton. So with Orton not being excluded from the Rumble Match, Orton with the other 29 participants had his eyes set on winning the Rumble Match going on to Wrestlemania to face the WWE Champion.

Rey Mysterio drew No. 1 followed by John Morrison who drew No. 2. Rey Msyterio lasted 49 minutes in this Rumble Match before being eliminated. The Game Triple H drew No. 7  and have a tremendous showing lasting all the way until the final two. Randy Orton would draw No. 8 with his fellow Legacy members Ted Dibiase drawing No. 10 and Cody Rhodes drawing No. 15.

The Undertaker would follow Rhodes and enter at No.16 but be eliminated by the Big Show (who entered at No. 30). Also in this rumble we saw a one night return of the "Whole F'N Show" RVD. But in the end with help from his Legacy, Randy Orton would eliminate Triple H and head to Wrestlemania XXV as the No. 1 contender.