Debate: Who Is Most to Blame for Cowboys' Early Struggles?

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Debate: Who Is Most to Blame for Cowboys' Early Struggles?
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After a difficult defeat, Cowboys fans everywhere are wondering who's to blame for early struggles.


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I know most people are gonna say Romo, but I'm going with Garrett here. It starts at the top, and with all that talent, I find it hard to believe that...
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The problem with the franchise started when Jerry Jones - a non football individual, who purchased the team in February of 1989. From the Jimmy Johns...
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I am going with the line. The Cowboys are got beat like they stole something up front the first 3 games, so yesterday the Cowboys totally changed the...
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When not one single person is blaming Romo for the debacle that is the Dallas Cowboys, you know the eyes of millions have finally opened. The problem...
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Jerry Jones has to be blamed! He does the hiring, he hired Jason Garrett! He is not a very good O-Coordinator which he has shown for years. Has he ...
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It starts from the top:Jerry Jones,the scouting department and the coaches. Who would resign Spears,Scandrick or Sensabaugh to those kind of contracts...
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