WWE: Why AJ Should Return to the Ring

Sharon GlencrossContributor IOctober 2, 2012

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

One thing has become clear recently. After a long and high-profile spell as a non-wrestling character, it's time for AJ Lee to return to the ring.

A few factors make this step the necessary one to take.

The main reason is that WWE's badly floundering women's division desperately needs all the female wrestlers it can get right now—because they've lost an astonishing amount of female talent over the past year.

French-Canadian diva Maryse parted ways with the company late last year to pursue her jewelry line House of Maryse. Gail Kim left around the same time too, later claiming she was fed up with the WWE's indifferent attitude towards their women's division.

The Bella Twins, Nikki and Bri, left the WWE a few months ago and are currently snagging roles in movies. After almost a year off due to personal issues, heel diva Kia “Kharma” Stevens was released earlier this year.

The mass exodus didn't end there, either. After being off-screen for many months, Kelly Kelly was officially released on Friday. Beth Phoenix is reportedly finishing up soon. Even the women in developmental are dropping like flies: developmental diva Shaul Guerrero has reportedly asked for her release too. 

As a result of this, the WWE's women's division has become more of a joke than ever. Most of the women are left off of TV and forgotten about. When a couple of them do make one of the main shows its usually for short, throwaway tag team matches that almost always elicit total silence from the crowd in attendance (not surprising, WWE fans have seemingly been conditioned not to care about women's wrestling).

Storyline and character development? That's practically nonexistent.

There are no new fresh stars on the horizon, either. That the company has resorted to giving the clumsy and inexperienced Kaitlyn a major push may say it all about the dire state of the division.

With this in mind, now is the perfect time for AJ to return to wrestling. Not only does she have a decent amount of in-ring talent (although her wrestling has been somewhat patchy in the past), but she's charismatic and over with the crowd. What's more, she's been pushed so much on-screen most fans now regard her as a star—something the Divas division desperately needs right now.

Interestingly, she can work well as either a babyface or heel, meaning she can go after Eve's Divas Championship as a fan favorite or feud with former friend Kaitlyn as a bad guy.

Another reason she should return to the ring is that her Raw GM character has failed and its time for her to be relieved of the role.

Maybe it's her muddled character direction (she often plays heel and face on the same show), over-exposure, or the fact that the quirky, lovable AJ character simply doesn't work as a whiny corporate authority figure, but her run so far has been a bitter disappointment. Raw's falling ratings probably don't help her case either.

Of course, these reasons don't mean it will happen. WWE management seem to be high on AJ right now and may not want to send her to languish in the hopeless Divas division—they clearly don't think too much of it, after all. Maybe AJ herself would prefer to stay as Raw GM, it's regular TV time and she's in a prominent role, which is more than most of the women wrestlers in WWE, like Natalya or Tamina, have got going for them.

But hopefully WWE will try something different with AJ and throw her back into in-ring competition. Because her current role really isn’t working.