A Terrell Owens Overdose

Gary WolffContributor IIMarch 7, 2009


By writing this, I am throwing fuel on the fire.  But I, like many others, cannot help myself, and this is half of the perpetuating problem.

Bottom line: We have had too much, way too much, of T.O. over the last decade.

Look, the guy is an outstanding talent when he is committed, keeps out of trouble, and produces.

So what is the problem?  He is a cancer in the locker room.

Why? It is not because of what he says.  Most of what he says is accurate or at least heartfelt. The problem is T.O. will not shut up, and the media will not stop featuring him.

The reason T.O. is a cancer is because everyone on the team has to focus on T.O. every day because they are constantly asked about T.O.

Every football show I watch as a fan mentions T.O. I never want to hear anything more about him.

I think his teammates, regardless of the team, share my desire.

We have simply overdosed on T.O.  The specifics of what he does, what he says, and what is said about him are irrelevant.  The problem is that we are constantly exposed to T.O. chatter and questions.

Enough is enough.  No one besides T.O. wants to hear another thing about him.  If he could simply shut his mouth for a season, the media would eventually stop talking about him.

It would all just go away.

But that will not happen, so hopefully he does not get a contract, so we are not subjected to further talk about T.O.  I have heard enough for 10 lifetimes.

I promise I will never speak of T.O. again.