WWE: Explaining Why Ryback Failed to Get His Finisher; It Wasn't Tensai's Fault

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I know not liking the Tensai character is one of the popular things that all “the cool kids are doing” in 2012, but don't blame him for the botched finish to his match against Ryback.

Yes, on the previous week during Smackdown, Ryback performed the Shell Shock move on Tensai.

That match on Smackdown was much shorter and less physical than the one on Raw. Last night, Tensai hits the ropes, Ryback grabs him and all in one motion, he goes right to left and body slams Tensai. Nothing like this was being done by Ryback in the match on Smackdown.

This was one of the longer matches we've seen of Ryback's, with his biggest opponent. Even when he works his shorter squash matches, he's already breathing heavy and appearing blown up.

People are crying foul on Tensai that he didn't jump to help Ryback. Look at the move—a jump isn't involved.

Ryback hooks his arm around his opponent's leg to get his opponent up on his shoulders. Rather than his opponent resting on his shoulders stomach-first, like you see in a GTS or Attitude Adjustment, Ryback's opponents rest on their side, as Ryback has one arm wrapped around their neck and the other around their leg.

Because of this, Tensai isn't suppose to jump, he needs to lean forward on Ryback and let Ryback get positioning with his hands. It's then up to a dead lift from Ryback.

And it isn't a weight issue as much as it is an awkward maneuver. Ryback has performed the move on two guys at a time, but that was on two guys who have skinny body types.

It's like trying to pick up and move that piece of furniture that is shaped oddly. It isn't so much the weight that makes it difficult as it is getting your arms and hands in the right spot to move it.

The body type of Tensai is a first for Ryback to try and perform the finisher on. Tensai is so tall, a legitimate 6'5", and he's round.

Freeze the video above at the 1:21 mark. You'll see Ryback's head is up against Tensai's chest/nipple area. This is the root of the problem.

There is too much weight from the chest down on Tensai that Ryback doesn't have control of. Ryback has his arms locked around Tensai, so it's not like Tensai can move himself forward to balance out, plus it would look ridiculous.

Now watch when Ryback did the finisher successfully to Tensai on Smackdown. Pause the video at the 1:40 mark and you'll see Ryback has his head rested on Tensai's stomach, right around the belly button area. The weight is evenly distributed.

When Ryback got him up, there wasn't a jump by Tensai. His foot was solidly planted on the mat awaiting Ryback's dead lift once his arms were hooked around his leg and neck.

The dead lift is impressive. Ryback has gotten over with the crowd and all signs point to him being a big babyface star for years to come. But despite all of these positives for him, let this be a continuation of my rant on finishers.

You want finishers you can do on everyone or have multiple finishers. If Ryback's going to have the Shell Shock, he needs to get a second featured move/finisher to use for guys of a different size like Tensai.

All that I can say is—Goldberg would have gotten Tensai up every time!

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