WWE Raw Hangover: A Look at the Highs and Lows of This Week's Show

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistOctober 2, 2012

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

WWE Raw is like old whiskey, sometimes it goes down smooth and other time it burns and makes us gag.

Last night's show is no exception as there were a few high points to the show which reminded us all why we watch WWE as well as low points that reminded us all what a cruel mistress WWE can be.



The monster WWE is trying to make into the next big star had a big of a set-back this week during his match with Tensai.

Ryback tried twice to get the big man on his shoulders and twice he failed. In the end Ryback had to settle for a clothesline to win the match.

Questions have already been raised about whether Tensai sandbagged Ryback or if Ryback simply did not have it in him to lift the bigger superstar despite having done it last week successfully.

The angle between Ryback and CM Punk did not get derailed by this little hiccup as we saw Ryback make an appearance and stick up for Jim Ross later in the evening.

I just wish I could have seen Vince's reaction after the two botched finishers.


Antonio Cesaro

Most WWE superstars are known for being pretty strong, but when Antonio Cesaro hit the Neutralizer on Brodus Clay it gave me a whole new respect for him.

I have always known Cesaro to be a great hand in the ring with decent power, but I did not know he had it in him to lift Clay off the ground like that.

The thing about Cesaro's finisher is that it requires a lot more power than a standard scoop slam because there is little to no momentum getting the other person off the ground with how the lift is performed.

This moment definitely highlighted a match that was way too short. I also find it saw that Clay went from destroying jobbers to jobbing in less than a year.


CM Punk

WWE seems to be determined to make us hate CM Punk and they certainly made some progress last night by having him be downright vicious to Jim Ross in his home state.

It was JR appreciation night at Raw, but CM Punk thought he was the only one to deserve respect so he came out and ruined the party.

After berating the veteran announcers Punk forced Ross to walk to the back with his head held low sana cowboy hat.

This is where Ryback made his second appearance to a bigger pop than he has ever had in WWE.

Punk is a great heel, but the problem is too many fans appreciate how good he is to boo him. WWE having Punk mock people when they are in their home territory is certainly a smart move.

Punk had a good show this week despite suffering the loss to Kane and Daniel Bryan following the early exit from Dolph Ziggler in the main event.


Damien Sandow

The match of the night on Raw took place between two SmackDown superstars. Go figure.

Damien Sandow had an extremely impressive showing against Sheamus this week in what was easily the best match of the entire show.

Jim Ross was the perfect person to call this match as he was able to properly highlight the classic moves Sandow was using throughout the match.

Every week Sandow has impressed me more and more and having him not only stand in the ring with the World Champion, but control most of the match, shows WWE thinks highly of him too.

Cody Rhodes is probably the only person they could have paired with Sandow and have it seem logical. They both have inflated egos and a classical sense of what wrestling is.

I am happy to be able to witness Sandow's ascent into greatness as it happens because we are truly witnessing the growth of a future champion right before our very eyes.



Well, WWE sure ruined that fast, didn't they?

AJ went from being the best female asset WWE had to being annoying in a matter of months. Bravo, WWE.

I really like AJ because she is a great actress in her promos and segments and she is a hell of a competitor when she actually gets a chance to wrestle.

The reason I am upset right now is because WWE have turned her from an intriguingly messed-up character into a broken shell of a gimmick.

WWE have managed to keep Kane and Bryan interesting, why not AJ?


Kane and Daniel Bryan

Speaking of Team Hell No, they came away with a win in the main event of Raw, but they were back to yell-fighting after the match right away.

I wonder if Raw felt lackluster this week because of the lack of comedy segments involving these two. We have grown used to seeing them over the past month and a week without them could prove that WWE had struck gold with that idea.

Three hours is a lot of show to fill and having a few segments devoted to outside-the-ring activities helped make the show seem better paced.

Bryan was still hilarious this week when he claimed he was handsome and had an amazing beard.

The delivery of Bryan's lines alone might be my favorite thing about him, which is saying a lot considering he is one of the best wrestlers in the world.


Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara

Get rid of the half masks and everyone will be happy.



This week's show was one that will not be remembered for anything in particular come Hell in a Cell, except for perhaps that awful debate we saw between Big Show and Sheamus.

WWE has more time between PPVs than usual this time around and it is beginning to show that WWE might not always have a plan to fill that extra time.

What did you think of Raw?

What were you favorite and least favorite moments of the night?


Thanks for reading and feel free to follow me on Twitter @BR_Doctor. Also, let me know what you think of the Raw hangover and whether you think it should be a weekly thing.


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