Oakland Raiders Are on Their Way to Another Playoff Season

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIMarch 7, 2009

So far, the Raiders have made excellent choices for the organization.

I am shocked that Javon Walker is still on the team, but perhaps he will impress this year. However, I truly doubt it. What I do like is that we resigned Nnamdi and Lechler. We did not have to use a franchise tag either.

Now, it is time for the hard facts. We need defensive linemen. Terrell Sands, Derrick Burgess, and Tommy Kelly have not performed up to expectations. Instead, at season's end, many fans noticed newbie Trevor Scott doing some great pass rushing. Let's get some young blood from the draft like B.J. Raji.

The Raiders need to stay away from trouble-making veterans like Terrell Owens. He would only follow a list of disappointing players we have signed in the past: DeAngelo Hall, Randy Moss, Desmond Howard, and Warren Sapp. Stay with the young guys and let them develop into monsters like Darrell Russell or Howie Long.

I want to see the Raiders add more linemen. Many people said Robert Gallery would be a bust, but he has grown into a great offensive lineman. We need more players like him. The Raiders also need run stuffers and heavy hitters on the defensive line. If we want to dominate the AFC West, then we need to dominate at the defensive line.