WWE Raw Results: Stone Cold's Absence Teases WrestleMania Match vs. CM Punk

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WWE Raw Results: Stone Cold's Absence Teases WrestleMania Match vs. CM Punk
via WWE.com

Stone Cold Steve Austin did not show up to defend Jim Ross on Raw, but that’s a good thing.

Overlapping day 316 of CM Punk’s reign as WWE Champion with Jim Ross appreciation night is all the evidence one needs for an upcoming feud involving Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

In fact, it is because of Stone Cold’s absence that a match between the Texas rattlesnake and CM Punk at WrestleMania is imminent. 

CM Punk mocked Ross’ infamous Stone Cold chant on Raw, which is usually an indication that the WWE Hall of Famer would appear to defend his friend and his own honor. More often than not, a Stone Cold appearance is guaranteed when Jim Ross is berated by a heel.

Unfortunately, that did not happen and fans were appeased with another interruption from Ryback.

Just when it seemed that Stone Cold would not be involved in any way, he chimed in on Twitter.

War of words through Twitter have already brought on a few matches, though none of this caliber.

Considering WWE’s heavy use of social media, it should be no surprise that a feud can begin in this manner. It reinforces the idea of social media as an effective tool to fans who have succumbed to the Twitter ongoings of WWE superstars.

This formula is nothing new. In fact, part-time talents like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Brock Lesnar have implemented a slow buildup in the past. In the case of The Rock, the feud took more than a year to fully develop. 

CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin obviously have less time than that until WrestleMania, but it is ample time for the two to begin a slow feud. 

The occasional tweet followed by a brief appearance on WWE programming is all a feud needs if the superstars involved are popular enough, and they definitely are in this case.

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