Break It Down: WWE Raw for October 1, 2012

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Break It Down: WWE Raw for October 1, 2012

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    Tonight’s edition of WWE Monday Night Raw took place from the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. CM Punk further established himself as a selfish jerk and Paul Heyman continued to be an awesome wingman. AJ Lee took control of her show, and remained unstable in doing so. Ryback’s rise continued and the fans were right there behind him.

    Read on for the results, numbers, angle advancement, reactions and future outlook for this edition of WWE Monday Night Raw!

Results and Summary

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    Transition 1: Last week on RAW, CM Punk confronted Mick Foley, who confronted him right back. John Cena later hit Punk with a lead pipe and Punk retaliated by attacking getting a cheap shot in on Foley. Punk went back for more and was met by Ryback.

    Promo 1: CM Punk, with Paul Heyman, announced (yet again) that he won’t be facing John Cena at Hell in a Cell. Heyman demanded that AJ Lee be removed from her General Manager position. Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler join the festivities. AJ eventually joins the fun herself, admitting that she’s been placed on probation and appointed an executive coach to assist in her development. Daniel Bryan enters, followed by Kane. Everyone ends up screaming about their own accolades, leading AJ to book Punk and Ziggler vs. Kane and Bryan that night.

    Transition 2: Big Show vs. Sheamus in a debate is announced, and we see Ray Mysterio and Sin Cara walking to the ring. We get a look at the brackets to the No. 1 Contender Tag Team Tournament.

    Match 1: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara beat Primo and Epico in 10:24 to advance in the No. 1 Contender Tag Team Tournament. The Prime Time Players watched from the stage.

    Transition 3: Sheamus and Big Show battle it out on a debate tonight, and the WWE is asking for fans to Tout questions to both men.

    Match 2: United States Champion Antonio Cesaro pinned Brodus Clay in 1:07.

    Backstage 1: Kaitlyn (who apparently dresses in a hallway) is approached by AJ Lee. She introduces Chris Stevenson, her new coach. AJ Lee apologizes to Kaitlyn, but then laughs at her before Kaitlyn can answer. AJ skips away after admitting she isn’t actually sorry.

    Transition 4: We’re reminded of tonight’s main event, and see a promo for WWE Main Event, which premiers this Wednesday with CM Punk vs. Sheamus, Champion vs. Champion.

    Match 3: Intercontinental Champion the Miz pinned Zack Ryder in 2:38.

    Backstage 2: Smackdown General Manager Booker T prepares to moderate tonight’s debate between Sheamus and the Big Show. We’re reminded to Tout or tweet our questions for said debate.

    Promo 2: Booker T moderates a debate between World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and the Big Show. Big Show eventually kicks over a lectern, but leaves without any physical incident.

    Transition 5: We’re reminded of tonight’s main event, and the undefeated Ryback is headed to the ring.

    Match 4: Ryback pinned Tensai in 1:51.

    Backstage 3: Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow discuss the debate, and how great they are.

    Match 5:  Divas Champion Eve pinned Beth Phoenix in 2:51.

    Backstage 4: Wade Barrett informed AJ Lee (with Chris Stevenson) that she is doing a horrible job. He’s upset that he doesn’t have a match tonight.

    Transition 6: JBL reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. And Touted. It’s also announced that JBL will be back next week.

    Match 6: Santino Marella beat Heath Slater by disqualification in 2:49 after Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal attacked Santino.

    Transition 7: We’re informed that Damien Sandow vs. Sheamus will happen next.

    Match 7: World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus pinned Damien Sandow in 15:43.

    Transition 8: Reminder video about tonight’s main event, and Michael Cole informed JR that his appreciation night segment is next.

    Promo 3: Michael Cole hosts a Jim Ross Appreciation Night segment that is interrupted by CM Punk. Jim Ross eventually leaves the ring and heads to the back, when he’s met by Ryback. Ryback hits the ring for a staredown with CM Punk and Jim Ross heads back to the ring.

    Match 8: Ricardo Rodriguez beat Kofi Kingston by submission in 6:08.

    Backstage 5: AJ Lee names Chris Stevenson the special referee for the main event. When he balks, AJ tells him to leave.

    Transition 9: Daniel Bryan and Kane made separate entrances, on a night where televised entrances were at a premium.

    Match 9: WWE Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan and Kane defeated WWE Champion CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler in 12:51 with AJ Lee as the special guest referee. Dolph Ziggler walked out when both Paul Heyman and Vickie Guerrero were removed, leaving Punk alone to lose to the tag team champions. Kane pinned Punk following a chokeslam to score the victory for his team.

The Numbers Game

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    Matches: nine, totaling 56 minutes and 22 seconds

    • Average Match Time: 6:15
    • Longest Match: Sheamus vs. Damien Sandow
    • Shortest Match: Antonio Cesaro vs. Brodus Clay

    Backstage Segments: 5

    In-Ring/On-Stage Promos: 3

    Pre-Taped Vignettes: 0

    Transitional Moments/Videos: 9

    Total Elements: 26 (6.5 per hour, 1.65 per quarter hour)

Major Angle Advancement

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    Hell in a Cell Additions: None.

    AJ Lee was appointed an executive coach by the name of Chris Stevenson. She kicked him out of the arena at the end of the show and named herself special referee for the main event.

    Damien Sandow had what Jim Ross called a “signature match” against World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. If Sandow achieves the greatness that many expect from him, this could be viewed as his breakout performance.

    CM Punk continued to refuse to face John Cena at Hell in a Cell. This time it was Jim Ross making the challenge. Punk threatened Ross, sending him to the back. Ryback foiled Punk’s plans once again, this time allowing Jim Ross to return to the commentary position.

    Big Show and Sheamus advanced their feud with a debate, hosted by Booker T. The two men nearly came to blows, but Big Show left peacefully. Their match still has not been announced as a Hell in a Cell match.

Knee Jerk Reactions

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    The WWE really turned things around, adding 27 minutes of wrestling time to the show. The average match time increased by just over two minutes as well. I usually point who starred in this week’s episode, but we really had a leading man in CM Punk and a leading lady in AJ Lee—with Ryback in the supporting role. 

    Overall grade is a “B+” for their efforts. The WWE increased the wrestling by nearly doubling it, continued to focus on the tag team division, and gave both secondary champions needed wins.

    The tag team tournament match was well done. It was a long match that actually established some rivalries with the Prime Time Players watching on the stage.

    The Jim Ross segment with CM Punk was very effective, and did not take away from the appreciation night. That was really minimized, but they let loose after the live television broadcast was over.

    I did not enjoy the debate segment. Sheamus doesn’t do WWE comedy well as a face. He had no problems doing it as a heel.

    Ryback got a tremendous reaction when he “saved” Jim Ross. When he had the staredown with CM Punk , the crowd was on fire chanting “Feed Me More!” Ryback did absolutely nothing to egg them on, either.

    Dolph Ziggler walking out on CM Punk is likely to get a “you disrespected me” response out of the champion. If the WWE isn’t careful, this will turn Ziggler face. This could be what they want to have happen.

    With Ziggler walking out on Punk and Ryback’s involvement, the WWE just might be laying the groundwork for a multi-man Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Championship. This could make up for Cena’s absence, or it could serve to protect Cena if he isn’t 100 percent for the match.

    Jim Ross and Michael Cole did a great job of covering for Ryback when he couldn’t lift Tensai. Anyone not carrying an Internet Wrestling Community membership card likely didn’t notice.

    Speaking of Ross and Cole, they made a good team tonight. We had no commentator drama and no heel antics from Michael Cole. I look forward to the return of John Bradshaw Layfield next week.

    The idea of AJ having (and removing) an executive coach could be interesting, if the coach were someone like Dr. Shelby, but Chris Stevenson was boring and added nothing to her character. I don’t see him coming back anytime soon.

Moving Forward

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    We need a little more build for Hell in a Cell. What’s going on with CM Punk’s match? Is Show vs. Sheamus even in the Cell? What else is on the card? Plenty of questions to answer.

    I expect to see one or both semifinals in the No. 1 Contender Tag Team Tournament as well.

    It should be interesting to see what the WWE does with AJ Lee next week. Did she have the authority to make her executive coach leave? Is making herself a referee grounds for removal? What type of reaction can she expect from Paul Heyman and Vickie Guerrero?

    And you can bet that at some point next week, Ryback will get in CM Punk’s way.

    You Decide: What do you want to see on Monday Night Raw next week?


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