WWE Hell in a Cell 2012: 5 Better Backup Plans Than CM Punk vs. Ryback

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WWE Hell in a Cell 2012: 5 Better Backup Plans Than CM Punk vs. Ryback
Photo Credit: WWE.com

It’s not just a gimmick; CM Punk really is the best wrestler in the world right now.

The WWE champion has been consistently good both in the ring and on the microphone over the past year, and now that John Cena is off TV for a few weeks, it seems like it’s finally CM Punk’s time to be viewed as the face of the company.

This is a huge opportunity for the WWE to make Punk a huge star, and if they made Punk look like the undefeatable legend that he tells the WWE Universe he is, it would both make Punk a star and give Cena the most credible opponent he’s had in a long time when he returns.

With Cena possibly returning as soon as the Hell in a Cell PPV on October 28, Punk may have less time than many fans would like to make his mark, but he has a chance to make the best of a bad situation and roll with the backup plan that the WWE put into place in case Cena is unable to go at Hell in a Cell.

Instead, they’ve had Punk getting into verbal exchanges with WWE Hall of Famers and refusing to engage in a fight with the one-man wrecking crew that is Ryback.

A CM Punk vs. Ryback match is a lose-lose situation for the WWE, due to their reluctance to end Ryback’s undefeated streak, but if the monster were to score a pin fall win over Punk, he would immediately be thrown into a main event scene, something he’s obviously not quite ready for.

Simply put, the WWE should have gone a different route for CM Punk with John Cena on the shelf, and there’s still some time to try and fix the problem.

Here are a few alternative feuds for Punk to engage in while waiting for Cena to return.

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