Raw Results: Did Ryback Botch Horribly or Was It Tensai's Fault?

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistOctober 1, 2012


Raw saw a rematch from last week's Smackdown, when Ryback defeated Tensai. It was a match that seemed to put over Ryback as a massive power house, as he used his Shell Shocked finisher to put away the massive man formally known as Albert and A-Train.

In the rematch on Raw, both men put on another match that led to an interesting ending to the match. After several Ryback signature moves, including his brutally stiff clothesline, Ryback attempted the Shell Shocked finisher on Tensai again.

After two failed attempts, Ryback bailed on using the finisher. He was forced to end the match with another stiff clothesline, but the damage was already done.

From my standpoint, it looked like Tensai may have sandbagged on Ryback both times. I may be wrong, but it's just the viewpoint I took.

I can understand if Ryback couldn't pick Tensai up on his shoulders. I mean, Tensai is well over 300 pounds and is a load to carry.

However, Ryback has done it before. When he picks up two jobbers, their weight easily combines to 300 pounds or more. In addition to that, he has to hold the girth and uncertain load two bodies possess when off balance.

Like I said, when I watched it live, it didn't look as if Tensai gave Ryback any assistance in the move. I understand it cannot be obvious when you assist on a power move like that, but it really looked as if Tensai didn't give him any help at all.

Whether he was upset about taking such a stiff clothesline or he is frustrated in his role as jobber to the stars, I really would hope that Tensai wouldn't do that. He has historically been a good worker and a good guy.

This match was crucial for Ryback. They are trying to get him over by manhandling a big guy like Tensai. It appears like he is getting pushed into the main event scene.

This series of events likely hurt his image a little bit. If it was Tensai's fault, one has to think he would be punished even more as a result of his lack of help.

What do you think? Do you think Tensai sandbagged Ryback in Raw's match or was Ryback incapable of lifting the behemoth of a man?

Sound off below on your thoughts. Try and keep it unbiased as possible!