Fox Sports' Explosive Gus Johnson Is a Ticking Time Bomb in Crazy Commercial

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Gus Johnson is one beautiful bomb ready to explode each and every weekend during the college football season. 

At least, that is what Fox Sports would like you to buy into with this commercial. Being a huge fan of Gus Johnson, I am inclined to believe them. In fact, I fully believe they have a bomb-disposal unit on hand everywhere Johnson goes, because the last thing you want is for Gus to get riled up and not be be prepared for it. 

Awful Advertisements (h/t Hot Clicks) spotted this short but sweet ad, touting the best part of Fox Sports' new football lineup.  The best way to take the entertainment level of the game you are watching up a notch is to invite Gus Johnson to the party. 

The man loves last-second heroics during the month of March and can be heard screaming on Saturdays during some of the best marquee matchups

Here is an imagining of what really happens behind the scenes at a certain college football game. 

A USC player gets out in the open and sees daylight—usually a moment for the nation to be hit with nausea.  Instead, this gets Johnson to stand up and build into a hilarious crescendo that somehow causes him to explode, dousing the room in pink goo. 

Yes, Gus Johnson is made of Pepto-Bismol. 

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