Goodbye and Good Luck, Boogeyman (Marty Wright)

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IMarch 7, 2009

There is plenty of speculation on why the WWE released the Boogeyman so soon after his return.

Perhaps he was let go for upsetting Management or due to his earlier bicep injury that he never followed up on with proper medical care; perhaps it was his lack of commitment, no one really knows.

His last match was against Kane on March 3 on ECW.

Love him or hate him, every time The Boogeyman stepped into the ring, he kept us in  an anticipated state of suspense as to who would share in his feast of worms.

Who can forget the havoc and fear he wreaked in which ever brand he went to; no one ever wanted to get wormed.

During his short career that spanned from 2004–2009, The Boogeyman faced them all:
Vito, JBL, Booker T,  Finlay, Big Daddy V, John Morrison and more.

He was also inducted by Triple H and Shawn Michaels as an honorary member of D-Generation X.

At any rate I would like to thank him for entertaining us for five years. Good luck Marty, looking forward to seeing you on the Silver screen again.