BR5: Dennis Rodman & the Strangest Athletes in Sports

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Sometimes you can’t help but recognize the odd behavior and unique personalities of professional athletes. Here’s our list of the Strangest Athletes in Sports.

One strange athlete is Dock Ellis. We know this because he will be most remembered for throwing a no-hitter while on acid—a very unique feat. It is safe to say he’s probably the first to accomplish it.

Dennis Rodman was one of the best defensive players in the NBA. Outside the NBA, Rodman was just strange. Whether it was him changing his hair color, wearing dresses, or even a short-lived wrestling career, he always kept us guessing.

Bill Romanowski was more crazy than strange. He kept up this reputation by having 15 concussions, consistent steroid use, admitting he went out onto the field to kill people, and crushing his own teammate’s eye socket during a scrimmage. Romanowski was one guy you did not want to cross.

Metta World Peace is no stranger to strange. Just starting with changing his name to Metta World Peace from Ron Artest. Who can forget the “Malice in the Palace”? The brawl in which Artest entered the stands and fought players and fans. No one can tell if he’s calmed down since changing his name, but if one thing is for certain, he’s crazy.

Dennis Oil Can Boyd was one strange pitcher back in the ‘80s with the Boston Red Sox. He got even weirder when he recently admitted to using crack cocaine every day of the 1986 season. He even tucked the drug in his cap while on the mound. What is even stranger is that he probably had his best season in ’86 winning a career-high 16 games.

Nyjer Morgan takes the cake in the weird department. Mainly because of his alter ego, Tony Plush. He is known for being the owner of a ridiculous temper, amazing catches in the outfield and some crazy postgame interviews. One thing is for sure, Morgan/Plush is one of the strangest athletes out there and we can’t look away.

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