Cricket 2020: Mumbai Indians Win the Treble

Prthvir SolankiCorrespondent IMarch 7, 2009

Its 3 AM, and I'm wide awake, singing songs with my friend in a pub where everyone else is also singing. The date on a newspaper lying on the floor reads; 6 December 2020.

"Yes!! We finally did it!! We finally won the treble," howled my friend for the third time in 15 minutes, and for the third time in as many minutes, the whole room screamed with joy.

"Who would have thought Mumbai Indians would win? Nobody..but we did it! The Bushrangers were nothing! I loved the look on Duminy's face after they lost! Didn't he say 'I've achieved all I have here in Mumbai, now i want to go for bigger and better things?'" I said mocking Duminy. And we sang the rest of the night...

No, I am not talking about football.

I am talking about the game we all love, Cricket.

But can this be true? How can Mumbai Indians win a treble?

Well, my views on how cricket will be in 2020 are very much like how football is today.

Premier Leagues everywhere in each country, knockout tournaments, controversial transfers. and BIG money. Yep, that's cricket in 2020.

Well, I know the County Championship has two divisions (I'm not sure, please correct me if I am wrong), imagine the IPL having two divisions. Not just any two divisions, but the second division will be the ICL teams.

Slowly and steadily, IPL teams get relegated to IPL second division. Meanwhile, the second division winners go to the Premier League.

But why ICL came to my mind as a second division league is something I am not proud of. I believe ICL teams just are not as good as the IPL teams—but I might not be wrong.

The knockout tournaments will be similar to the FA Cup in English football. The Champions League will have 32 teams. Two teams from a country, which means 16 countries. (I am very sure the game will spread  around the world by the time.)

That's where the example I gave about MI winning the treble comes from; an IPL title, the knockout tournament, and the Champions League.

But wait a second. Cricket seems so dull without international matches! Very few test matches every year (though i hope not) will be played. ODI's will also be reduced and the t20 World Cup will be ultimate glore but, club cricket is where it really matters.

I also really do hope, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar will still be entertaining us in 2020 (yes my dreams are BIG).

While all these assumptions are wild guesses, one thing I am certain about is, cricket will be the most peaceful sport. No cancelling of tours, no terrorists attacking cricketers as I know, by 2020 terrorists, like the Dodos, will be extinct.