Why Tim Tebow Is Answer at Quarterback for New York Jets

John DegrooteCorrespondent IIOctober 1, 2012

Tebow and Sanchez watch from the sideline during Sunday's game aginst the 49ers
Tebow and Sanchez watch from the sideline during Sunday's game aginst the 49ersDebby Wong-US PRESSWIRE

A New York Post headline this morning read, "Tebow should get chance to start for Jets." That statement is true if the New York Jets want to turn around what has been a uninspiring first four weeks of the season.

It would not be the first time that Tebow has played savior. Even the herds of Tebow doubters would have to admit that he was the catalyst in the Broncos playoff run last year. His stats were not great, his throws were inaccurate and his completions were sometimes in the single digits. However, Tebow won games and he will continue to win games if given the chance.

It is easy to say that the Jets problems go beyond the play of Mark Sanchez and that the team should stick with him, but how many more lives does Sanchez have? He had a QBR of 2.8 Sunday against the 49ers and has the lowest completion percentage this season among starting quarterbacks.

Tebow will never be a stat sheet superhero, but he will increase the number in the win column for the Jets.

The Jets do not have weapons on offense, which makes Tebow's value even greater. Sanchez may be a better prototypical quarterback, but Tebow can do more with less. Behind banged up No. 1 receiver Santonio Holmes, the Jets are limited at the position. Stephen Hill, Chaz Schilens and Jeremy Kerley are among the obscure names catching balls for the Jets.

Running back Shonn Greene has also failed to develop into a solid option as a starting running back. He has only managed 191 yards in four games this season. His failure to produce puts even more pressure on the quarterback position. That is pressure Sanchez cannot handle but Tebow would thrive in.

The Broncos were not exactly a weapon-laden offense last season either, but Tebow's presence ignited the running game and his ability to extend plays and improvise put his receivers in position to make plays at crucial points in games.

There is also the issue that the Jets signed their inconsistent starting quarterback to a lucrative extension this offseason, but it would not be the first time an overpaid quarterback has sat due to lack of production.

Rex Ryan and the Jets front office is responsible for this controversy. They knew that once Sanchez had a bad outing that Jets fans and the New York media would be clamoring for God's gift to football to take over under center. Now he will be forced to deal with it.

Sanchez is not the long-term answer. That much has become evident. He was only a starter for one year at USC, so the thought was that he needed extra time to adjust to the NFL, however, that grace period has run out.

There is no going back after naming Tebow the starter, at least for this season. Once Rex does it, he will need to stick with the former Florida Gator. The Jets are exactly where they sit now with Sanchez at quarterback—a .500 team. Tebow gives them the potential to make the playoffs.

The worst case scenario for the Jets is that Tebow is not the answer. If this is the case, the Jets will draft a quarterback to start a new era for the Jets under center in the quarterback-laden 2013 draft and Tebow, Sanchez and Rex will go their separate ways.

Next week's Monday Night Football game is the perfect opportunity to put Tebow in the starting role. He will be on the stage of prime time and will have a chance to knock off the 4-0 Houston Texans.