WWE Raw Live Results: Reaction and Analysis for October 1, 2012

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistOctober 1, 2012


October is here, fall is in full swing and it is time for another three-hour Monday Night Raw.

This is the liveblog for Raw on October 1, 2012, where we cover all the action as it happens live on television.

This week's show should be interesting, as it will show us how WWE intends to use John Cena following his recent elbow surgery.

CM Punk's altercation with Ryback at the conclusion of last week's show certainly shook things up in WWE, and we should see some kind of follow-up to that tonight.

Booker T announced a tournament on SmackDown to see who will face Daniel Bryan and Kane at Hell in a Cell, so we could see another of the remaining first-round matches tonight.

Speaking of Kane and Daniel Bryan, last week we saw the two in a diner doing a little role-playing therapy with Dr. Shelby.

WWE has been on a roll with these outside-the-ring segments with Kane and Bryan, so let's hope we don't see a downslide in quality tonight.

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