Ode to My Matadors

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Ode to My Matadors

Ode To My Matadors


What the #@%! happened?

I remember a time just one month ago when every single prediction had you in the playoffs, but now I sit here choosing my bracket picks and you are no where to be found.

This situation we are in has inspired a poem ripped straight from my heart and soul.

Here it goes:

Remember the time, we beat UC Irvine

I was there, to shout a cheer


Remember when you would dominate the court,

I do, but then you started playing poor


I came to a game where we were killed

The team overplayed you and left you with the bill


Oh what happened my Matadors, we were in for sure

But now NIC doesn’t even want us and there is no cure




I guess my question is how does a team with the best record for 90 percent of the season, lose the most important game of regular season against UCSB, lose their only game in the Big West tournament, and allow Fullerton to make the playoffs and UCSB the NIC?

I have love for you guys and my team, but I would have truly loved to see you lose in the first round of the playoffs instead of Fullerton losing. Who knows, you might have even had an upset?

Look at this season, I mean COME ON!


Sat, Nov 10

Chicago St.

W 96-85

Damn Right!

Sat, Nov 17

at Pepperdine

W 97-89


Wed, Nov 21

CSU Bakersfield

W 92-76

#@%! Yeah

Wed, Nov 28

at Cleveland St.

W 78-68

Of Course

Fri, Nov 30


L 74-97

Oh Well

Sat, Dec 1

N.C. Central

W 69-43


Wed, Dec 5

Utah Valley St.

W 76-64

Yeah, I said Booya!

Sat, Dec 8

at (17) Gonzaga

L 59-85

Not Surprised

Thu, Dec 20


W 94-49

Once Again!

Sat, Dec 22

at Washington

L 66-80


Fri, Dec 28

at Utah Valley St.

W 73-65


Thu, Jan 3

at Cal Poly

W 80-59


Sat, Jan 5


W 88-84


Thu, Jan 10

UC Davis

W 82-47


Sat, Jan 12


W 78-61


Wed, Jan 16

at UC Riverside

W 66-62


Tue, Jan 22

at Chicago St.

L 75-83

We all lose some.

Sat, Jan 26

Long Beach St.

W 100-61

Never had a chance.

Thu, Jan 31

UC Irvine

W 69-64

Read the Poem!

Sat, Feb 2

CSU Fullerton

L 72-80


Thu, Feb 7

at Pacific

L 73-78

What’s going on?

Sat, Feb 9

at UC Davis

W 77-57

Okay, we’re back.

Sat, Feb 16

UC Riverside

W 73-61

There we go.

Wed, Feb 20

at Long Beach St.

W 82-78


Sat, Feb 23


L 72-73

This was BS

Thu, Feb 28

at CSU Fullerton

W 82-74

Hell Yeah!

Sat, Mar 1

at UC Irvine

L 66-82


Thu, Mar 6


L 66-77

Oh No.

Sat, Mar 8

Cal Poly

W 97-67

Tied for First


Then, on the clear night of Friday March 14th, my Matadors strolled in the Anaheim Convention Center. “No problem,” I thought, “My boys got this,” I said. Then the game started and all I could think was, “#@%!”

When all was said and done, I was sad. I might have shed a few tears, but I was happy they did as well as they did. Tied for first place in the Big West is great! They had a great season for CSUN and I’m still proud of them.

Most of all I’m happy for Jayme Miller, he’s my boy and I gotta give him a shout out. Second best rebounds on the team and one of highest number of fouls in the NCAA.

What are you going to do when you are the biggest guy on a team of little people? You protect your boys and that what my boy Jayme did, so screw his high number of fouls.

To me that means he was a team player who sacrificed his record to protect the team. In my book, whenever CSUN plays ball, it’s Miller Time!

I guess all I can say is if you look like Cinderella, smell like Cinderella, and taste like Cinderella, you must be CSUN, or at least that’s what I thought.



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