Brooklyn Nets' Barclays Center Gets Brilliant Time-Lapse Video

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 1, 2012

Much like the Death Star in A New Hope, the Barclays Center is now fully operational. 

The only thing missing is the Brooklyn Nets dressed up in new uniforms ready to embark on their inaugural season in a new city. 

Here is the obligatory time-lapse video bringing the immense job of building the amazing new arena from months to minutes. 

It's beautiful. 

Of course, I am talking about the ability humans have to change one section of land between two roads into one of the most technologically advanced centers in sports. 

I am not talking about the Cor-Ten exterior that continues to make this building look like it's about a couple centuries older than it is. 

In fact, I was hoping the soundtrack to this video would have changed the second the rust-like material made its appearance. Death metal would have been appropriate. 

Aside from the Center looking like one big mound of brown sitting in Brooklyn, the time-lapse video is as you would expect from any other collection of a million moments ramped up in speed. 

It's wonderful. 

The Brooklyn Nets have their new home and it's a marvel to behold. If the next season is anything like last season, I would encourage fans to just watch this video over and over again and ignore the scores trickling in shortly. 

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