The In-Depth Analysis: A Look Into the Disturbed and Warped Mind of Randy Orton

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMarch 7, 2009

It just doesn't stop does it? Randy Orton is completely obsessed with hurting people, and that vicious trend continued if you happened to watch Friday Night Smackdown.

As Triple H was in the middle of a worthless match with Umaga, Orton and his Legacy decided it would make for more effective television if they wiped the mat with Triple H's carcass.

This beat-down didn't surprise me, but it did get me thinking.

For everyone who's ever said, "There's something wrong with that guy's head," they're right. Orton has more issues than his entrance music could ever indicate.

Now, before you get in impression that I feel Orton's character is real, let me make it extremely clear that I am talking about the character he portrays on television, not Orton the real-life person.

It is his character that has become absolute gold.

The WWE is in possession of a major—and I mean MAJOR—talent in the young Mr. Orton. As the president Orton's fan club, you don't need me to tell you how great he is. All you must do is simply watch.

As time has gone on, Orton has evolved from a cocky young punk, into a vicious and remorseless viper. What he did on Smackdown this week was nothing new, it's becoming a trend.

Orton needs to hurt people to satisfy his insatiable ego.

It's almost as if the pleasure he gets from inflicting harm onto those in his path might feel almost orgasmic to him. Yes, I said orgasmic. As the saliva drips off his lower lip, it gives off a sense that he is truly feeling intense pleasure from the pain he's creating.

This week on Smackdown, there was no punt to the head, and no RKO. Rather, Orton was picking apart his pray one step at a time. He wants to have fun with Triple H, and wasn't about to kill what was left of his competition on a program that get's half the viewership of his flagship show, Raw.

Mind games is the key phrase, but not mind games in the typical sense.

Before Orton, mind games in professional wrestling would be to stare your opponent down and intimidate him. Before Orton, mind games would be walking to the ring dressed up in a Halloween costume and rolling your eyes into the back of your head.

Now, mind games with Orton means something much more.

It's the kind of sadistic nature that motivates Orton to spare John Cena's skull and punt his father in the head instead, before simply walking away, letting a conscious Cena look after his crippled dad.

Mind games with Orton means watching your family being taken out one by one, only to later have to listen to the perpetrator relish in the sweet satisfaction it brought him.

And now, Orton beats down Triple H just enough for him to remain conscious enough to look into the eyes of the viper as he slithers away.

Orton is a sick human being, and things are only going to get worse.

Triple H is motivated by revenge, he wants to hurt Orton for harming his loved ones. The issue is, Orton's hatred it deeper.

It was Orton who had his career halted for years after Triple H turned on him for absolutely no reason, and ended his first World Title reign.

It was Orton who had his WWE Championship taken away from him when the WWE decided to reward Triple H with another title bout after failing to capture the championship from Orton at last year's Wrestlemania.

It was Orton who broke his collar-bone in a Last Man Standing match with The Game and would have been out for the 10-count had Triple H not stood him up to give him a sledge hammer shot for good measure.

As a result, Orton had to spend months on the sidelines as he watched Monday Night Raw become crippled under the leadership of men like CM Punk and JBL.

So what was Orton to do?

He decided that punting Triple H's good friend Batista in the skull, and taking him out of action for a very long time would be a great start.

It must have brought Orton great pleasure to become the first heel to win the Royal Rumble in over a decade, by eliminating Triple H himself. The same numbers-game that Triple H taught Orton came back to bite him and played a factor in his elimination.

Orton learned his lessons well and created a powerful stable while Triple H drove all of his Evolution members away and now has to fight his battles alone.

Following the Rumble, Triple H was rewarded a WWE Championship match just because his name is Triple H and what do you know, Triple H became champion for the 13th time.

Now, Orton can get the satisfaction of humiliating his former mentor on the grandest stage of them all. The road to Wrestlemania will also bring forth it's satisfactions for Orton.

Taking out Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, and Stephanie McMahon was only the appetizer.

Triple H has only gotten a sample of what's in store for him. Nobody in this business deserves to be more miserable than Triple H or at least, that's how Orton sees it. I guess that's all that really matters if your someone who cares for Triple H's well being.

Looking into the mind of Orton would not make most people happy. Better to hope that Triple H can bring an end to the madness and make the bad man stop.

Orton's not going away and Triple H needs to get that through his head. Otherwise, Orton might just have to punt some sense into him too.