Ranking the Best Weather Team Nicknames in Sports

Ryan Klocke@@RyanKlockeBRFeatured ColumnistOctober 1, 2012

Ranking the Best Weather Team Nicknames in Sports

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    There's a lot of stuff that can make you scratch your head in sports, whether if be on the field or off. But among all come-out-of-nowhere stars and play calls that have you screaming at your televisions, at least one thing that usually makes sense – team nicknames. 

    Geographically, historically, traditionally -- myriad programs pick their mascots based on events surrounding their location. And this especially rings true when it comes to weather-related events. There's a reason the Minneapolis Heat don't exist. While some are kind of lame -- Suns, anybody? -- there's a handful that definitely hit the mark. These are the 10 best weather nicknames in sports. 

10. San Jose Earthquakes

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    Lets extend some gratitude to this Bay Area-based MLS team for having not only a name representative of their location (we do have temblors here in the bay, though wayyyy less than the average midwesterner things), but for also having a nickname that doesn't flat-out stink/is a rip off of soccer abroad. 

    Earthquakes > FC Dallas, Sporting KC, Chivas USA. 

9. Miami Heat

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    Technically, they should probably be called the Miami Humidity because the summer air there has the consistency of tapioca pudding left in the trunk of a car for a week, but we digress. The name makes sense. Miami is hot, really, really hot. There's a reason nobody shows up to Marlins games in August. 

8. Miami Hurricanes

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    Before we leave South Florida, let's throw a shout-out to The U here as well.

    While their "Hurricanes" nickname isn't as cool as others (stay tuned), it's hard to argue with this selection. Florida has Hurricanes, and they can be pretty darn fierce. And even "Hurricane Season" is calm, there's still hurricane watches and tropical storms that could become hurricanes and so on. It's part of life down there (lived in Florida as a kid), so it's only fitting. 

7. Colorado Avalanche

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    Enough with the southern weather (for now), lets head toward The Rockies and cool this off a bit. NHL Hockey – when its not locked-out, which seems like every other year these days – has some of the coolest names in all of sports. 

    Red Wings. Blue Jackets. Devils. (To be fair, Thrashers and Predators are pretty lame). But of all, the Avalanche could be the coolest, literally and figuratively. Just look how sweet that goalie helmet is. And that's coming for a Detroit fan. 

6. Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Ok, is the name that great? Nah. They were a lot cooler when they were called the Seattle Supersonics. But sometimes you've to roll with cards you've been dealt, and Oklahoma City doesn't have much going for it nickname wise. 

    But they do have Thunder, so that works. Simple and to the point. Plus, they're darn fun to watch, so they get a bump to No. 6. 

5. Tampa Bay Lightning

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    It's just natural to have the Thunder and Lightning slides go together, right? And as somebody who spent time of the gulf coast of Florida, I can tell you the name is appropriate. Skies can get downright nasty around there. 

4. Iowa State Cyclones

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    Aside from the fact this oft-forgotten Big 12 school had one of the most exhilarating wins of last season when they punked No. 2 Oklahoma State (the ensuing field-storming is picture above) this program is also getting points for not going the boring "Tornadoes" route. 

    Cyclones just sounds so much cooler. 

3. Lake Elsinore Storm

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    Props to the Weather Channel for reminding me of this minor league team, whose logo is one of the best in all of sports (and one of the reasons why this hat is super popular, even away from SoCal, where this team is based). 

    While the logo is more scary beast than inclement weather, it's still super cool, and far, far better than the name/logo combinations of other minor league baseball teams around the country. 

2. Tulsa Golden Hurricane

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    With all apologies to Miami, the only thing cooler than a hurricane is a Golden Hurricane. That's just an awesome nickname. It's a nickname that makes me even more angry that my alma mater was called "The Wildcats," which is about as unique as wearing green on St. Patrick's day. 

    And when you're located in two-college dominated Oklahoma (sports-wise, at least), you've gotta differentiate. 

1. Alabama Crimson Tide

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    There's a lot to not like about Alabama football (it's easy to have haters when you're as amazingly good as they are), but there's no argument that the Crimson Tide needs to be at the top of this list. That name is just so, so cool. (Here's what it refers to, by the way). 

    And when you combine a nickname like that with a team that should cruise to the BCS National Championship this year, it's easy to see why Alabama nabs the top spot here.