Snoop Dogg Takes Penalty Kicks on ESPN as Snoop Lion, World Continues to Spin

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The man formerly known as Snoop Dogg took some shots at goal for the entertainment of the entire world recently.

Consider us entertained. 

Snoop lion stopped by ESPN to talk about FIFA and to kick some soccer balls at an open net. The hip-hop legend is something of a sports fan and can be seen on the recent commercials for the football video game FIFA 13. 

The main thing Snoop tries to sell no matter what he is doing is cool. The man can't simply kick a football into a net without doing it with so much swag it looks like he is going to crumble from its weight. 

Instead of just putting the ball in the net, he lines up like some rapping Sebastian Janikowski to kick a 60-yard field goal. 

Only, he is trying to kick what looks to be a 10-yard goal, and fails the first go around. Although I am ready to give him some brownie points for putting some bend into his service. 

Also, we cut him some slack for making the 90's the best decade ever. 

At 40-years old, there isn't one thing ridiculous about this man. Except for his new moniker of Snoop Lion. Suddenly you realize how silly the name Snoop has been and he instantly ages right before your very eyes. 

At least we now have an answer to the question, what does a Lion taking free kicks look like?

He looks just like this. 

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