NFL Players Who Look Like Rock Stars

Matt KingFeatured ColumnistOctober 1, 2012

NFL Players Who Look Like Rock Stars

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    The NFL is the biggest sport in America. Players make obscene amounts of money and live lavish lifestyles. They have become today's rock stars.

    Players don't just carry themselves like rock stars, they actually look like them sometimes. I'm talking about glorious hair hanging out of their helmets swag that the great rock bands of the 70s and 80s used to have.

    Here are a few NFL players who pull off the look and the corresponding rock star who is their spirit animal.

Clay Matthews and Robert Plant

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    The most valuable defensive player for the Green Bay Packers is known just as much for his long, blond locks as he is for his sacks and celebrations. Which is saying something.

    With that hair and badass attitude, he's a perfect fit with Led Zeppelin frontman, Robert Plant. They both can rock a stadium and look fabulous doing it.

Bobby Carpenter and David Lee Roth

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    The Patriots' Bobby Carpenter may not be a household name, but he's got the hair of an all-star. He's like a real-life Thor.

    Actually, he may be more like David Lee Roth. His hair may not exactly be long enough, but if there's anybody in the NFL who can pull off that legendary mop, Carpenter just may be the guy for the job.

    He must have been taking advice, or at least conditioner, from Tom Brady.

Jared Allen and Steve Perry

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    I'm a huge Journey fan, so it's important that we find the right NFL player to match with that amazing mullet. So we had to bring out the king of mullets in football, Jared Allen.

    Even though he has trimmed his hair, Allen will still forever be known for that ridiculous hair and his immense pride in it.

    Don't Stop Believin' may be the perfect anthem for the Vikings, who have never won a Super Bowl and haven't even been to the game since 1977. At least the fans support them Faithfully.

Jeremy Shockey and Vince Neil

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    Okay, so maybe Shockey looks more like the later version of the Mötley Crüe frontman, and not the vintage version, but I still like the comparison.

    It fits in other ways too. When at the top of their game, both these guys were unstoppable forces on and off the field/stage. And even though they've lost a step or two or three, they can still be pretty entertaining.

Brett Keisel and ZZ Top

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    The coolest beard in the NFL is actually no more since Brett Keisel shaved it for charity back in late February, but the spirit of the beard still lives on. Kind of like ZZ Top, actually.

    This one was a no brainer. I only wish Keisel would have kept growing it out to ZZ Top-like lengths. That would have made for some interesting holding calls...

Troy Polamalu and Slash

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    Throw a guitar into his hands, a top hand on his head and some sunglasses on his face and Troy Polamalu would become Slash. Those two are brothers from another mother.

    Slash shreds the guitar like Polamalu shreds offensive game plans. They both have been supporting players who stole the show for their respective team/group.

    Oh, and I guess their hair is pretty similar. Just a little.