Breaking Down New Denver Nuggets Alternate Uniforms

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Breaking Down New Denver Nuggets Alternate Uniforms
Benjamin Hochman/The Denver Post

The Denver Nuggets revealed a new alternate jersey on Monday, putting a new spin on an old classic. Well, classic might be a little strong, but we'll get to that.

Let's begin by taking a look at the new design, which was tweeted by Robin Carlin of Mile High Sports Magazine:

Holy yellow, Batman—these jerseys are bright!

But do the players like them? Well, Ty Lawson is digging them, so there's that (via Benjamin Hochman of The Denver Post):

Hmm. I've been saying "swagged out" when I decided something had run out of swag. What a fool I've looked...

But back to the task at hand. I dig these unis. They catch the eye instantly much more than the light blue and white jerseys that are soothing like a doctor's waiting room, yes, but are hardly sexy. And we all know the NBA is all about sexy.

Nick Laham/Getty Images
No, I'm not worried about getting a few teeth pulled when I see these. But they don't make me wanna party, either.
But they also manage to borrow from the old Nuggets aesthetic without being corny or way, way, way too colorful. Do you remember the old Nuggets uniforms?

Dikembe Mutombo is grimacing because he can't believe what they made him wear.
These uniforms look like Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was recreated in an 8-bit cartoon. Here, the mountains (or skyline, or whatever it is supposed to be) look more like some trippy cat climbing a rainbow.

But these new Nuggets threads don't get too crazy. I still feel like they're wearing pixelated uniforms, but at least that jagged cat isn't wandering around on their chests. They wisely ditched the rainbow altogether. And the bright yellow really makes the whole thing pop.

So I give the uniforms 8.5 Atari mountains (or skyscrapers, you make the call) out of 10. They catch the eye. They are modern, give a nice nod to the past and pass the "Does the guy with no fashion sense still recognize that these are sick" test. 

Yup, they are swagged out. In the good way, that is.

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